In the Mail: Update and More

First off…an update.
Remember the box of mail that Julie and I were searching for and trying to figure out what happened to?  Read about it HERE if you missed it.  Anyway…MYSTERY SOLVED.

Here’s what happened.  The box came on May 12th.  That was the weekend that our family decided we would start seeing each other with covid happening.  Kayla was at my house.  I opened the box with Kayla (I know that now as I asked Julie if she knew what quilts she sent and she had pictures).  Immediately, I knew Ray had them as Kayla and I ooged over them.  Ray ended up messaging me and sent these pictures….

YEP…that’s me and that’s Julie’s missing quilts.  AHH…

I cannot tell you how VERY relieved I am.  I am so thrilled to have found the answer to where there went.  So this is what I believe happened.  Kayla was here.  I was trying to get quilts to the post office as I already had a bunch packaged and ready to go when the new box from Julie came.  I told Kayla we quick needed to take pictures of these quilts so we could get them in the outgoing mail and so we’d have room to eat supper with less boxes.

We took the pictures.  Kayla took yarn home from the box from Julie too.  Later on Monday, after all the dust had settled from the kids coming home, I sat with my camera and deleted photos of the things I had blogged about.  These were sandwiched between things I already had blogged about and I didn’t realize I hadn’t written the post about them yet…and they got deleted.

This top is also Julie’s…

This one is one it’s way to Ray.

Ray noted that he got the two quilts that Julie had sent on May 16th….4 days after they were at my house….SO, mystery solved.  Sadly, these are the only pictures I have at the moment.

Thanks so much Julie for being patient with me while we sorted this out and thank you for the amazing work you did on them.  I can’t wait to see them finished.

I have other mail in too…wanna see??
This box was HUGE.  I met the mailman to the door.  He offered to bring it right into the house but I said no…I ended up taking it from him.  Oh my!  It was 35 pounds.  I have no idea how Joanna managed to wrestle it to the post office.

I unpacked the box onto the table…oh my!!

There were tons of …many sorted to size and bagged up..

Some were leftovers from other projects….

Some looked like pieces I might be about to use for a scrap vortex quilt that I’ve started.

…so-so many scraps.
There were lots of books and patterns too.
I thought this little star pillow sure was unique.

I set this one aside for some future bedtime reading….
Then there was the big bag…It was filled with quilt tops and pieces.

Here’s a peak at some of the quilts…

This is a Civil War Spider ring….

There are two of these quilts….

This is a Kansas Trouble fabric quilt. Love the outer border. There is extra fabric with this one.
This next quilt is huge. You don’t see that by the picture as only 1/4 of it is viewable. The rest folded up. I didn’t have a big enough place to lay it out.
Check out this…isn’t it amazing??  It’s not finished but oh my, what a work of art already.

I’m guessing this is suppose to be a square quilt.  The corners all need to be added in.  Does anyone know the name of the quilt?  Does anyone have the pattern that they could pass on so this could get finished.  I have an email out to a blog reader that finishes these kind of projects and am waiting to hear back from her if she’s interested.  I’d just like to get her in a good position to be able to finish it.  There are no fabric extras that I am awesome of either….well, maybe I better relook through those scrap bags.  Maybe some are for this.  Either way, it’s super scrappy and any Civil War prints will work with it.  I can’t imagine all the work that has already went into this!!

Update:  Connie thinks this is a 365 Challenge quilt.  Does anyone have the patterns?

I big shout out to both Joanne and to Julie for the quilts and goodies.  I am working on finding homes for Joanne’s quilt tops.  Hopefully in 6 months or so we’ll see all these tops finished and moved on charities.  YAHOO!

15 thoughts on “In the Mail: Update and More”

  1. Sandie Mackintosh

    It is a 365 Challenge quilt, and the patterns are available for free on the 365 Challenge website. It’s hard to say which blocks have been made and which ones still need to be completed, but they can be found there.

  2. Hi, Jo, it is a 365 challenge quilt. A picture of it can be found at It looks like it may have been modified because the original was not set on point.

  3. Martha Henrichs

    Yes, it is the 365 challenge quilt from Katherine Kerr. I made the quilt but didn’t save the patterns after I made the blocks. She starts the blocks over every January.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    That challenge quilt is a beautiful quilt as is I wonder it you could make triangles matching the center block in the four corners to tie it together. Those quilts are so lovely all of them. Great works ladies

  5. Joanna Visger

    Oops, I should have told you it was a 365 challenge quilt. I moved and never quite got caught up again while piecing it. I tried to figure out something to do with the blocks, along with a handful of Farmers Wife blocks. I thought I could turn it into a creative tablecloth, but ran out of enthusiasm and it ended up in the UFO pile. Hopefully someone can figure out a creative way to finish it.

  6. Stearns Carol

    You are a blessing to the quilting world Jo and I so enjoy the posts. I have a box ready to send to you. Stuff goes in it and there it stays and I forget what it is. That challenge quilt looks like you could add any orphan blocks into it.

  7. How great that you were able to find out what happened to the missing package. And what a box sent – 35 lbs! Wow! So much you can do with all of that!
    Love and prayers

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