In the Mail….The Carver Edition

Carver has been a popular guy when it comes to mail call.  I got a package from Donna…there were all sorts of goodies in there…

Several of the items were labeled for Carver….He had so much fun looking at them all with me.

Here is what was in the box….

There were things for me too…I can’t wait to jump in and take a look at these quilting books.  I love paging through books and magazines before I got to bed.  These will be perfect.  After I’m done I often pass them on to the Cresco ladies.  They are making so many quilts all the time, I think they like the inspiration.

There were a couple of embroidery projects along with great fishing lour turned floss organizer bag.  I think I might convert the bag for my paper piecing.  FUN!

Here are the things Carver was excited about….

There were fun fabrics and goodies….

But his favorite thing was a bag of masks.  They are incredibly cute.  They are animal faces…

The note Donna sent said, pick your favorite and then share the rest with friends.  Oh my.  This was so sweet and so appreciated.  Can you guess which one he picked?? 

I’ll be honest…he picked two.  He couldn’t decide and I’m guessing Donna wouldn’t mind.

Here is the cow one…

…and here is the monster one!!  So CUTE!!  THANKS Donna.

I thought I was caught up on mail and then BAM…A few things came all in one day.  It’s really fun that way.  I had brought the mail in but Kalissa and the boys were here so I didn’t look at it and just set in on the island in the kitchen.  Kalissa saw one and said can he open this?  I looked, saw that it was addressed to Carver, and said sure.

Kalissa took the time to help him identify the letters and spell his name.

He opened it…

…and had a BIG surprise.  I wish I had videoed it!  TOOLS!!

Here he is with Gannon checking out all of the tools.  He is such a nut about tools.  Seriously.

The package came from Linda in Mesa, AZ.  She wrote:  “I have 3 grandsons and I think boys are so much fun!”  I totally agree Linda.  THANKS from both Carver and I.

The plan is that I’m going to machine quilt this and he’s going to use it as his napping blanket at school.  Right now, he is borrowing one of my napping blankets that is fuzzy and has pink princesses on it.  He’s a silly boy…he loves princesses and TOOLS!!  I love that Kalissa and Craig let me love what he loves.  He had Frozen rain boots with Princess Elsa on them.  He picked them and loved them.

But lately, the love of tools has reined as the favorite.  His birthday is coming up in a few days and I asked him what he wanted for a present.  His response: Real tools.  He said he was tired of sharing with Dad.  Oh my…that boy.

Later Kalissa asked him what he wanted.  He listed off a type of toy tractor he wanted with a grappler hook and then he said he wanted a small tractor for Gannon in his present too.  Oh my.  Melt my heart type of cute!!

He’s also gotten to wearing a belt so he can have a pliers holder and pliers in it.  Karl had gotten him that for Christmas but he didn’t have a belt.  Now he does and it’s all the rage.  He is picky about his clothes and went to wearing jeans as much as possible so he can have a belt so he can have the pliers holder and pliers.  He cracks me up!!

Kalissa posted this on Facebook the other day…It was a picture of Carver with his mad face.

He was headed out the door to the bus.  Kalissa writes:

Me: you cannot take pliers to preschool!
Carver: *tries to sneak pliers in pocket*
Carver: *tries to hide socket wrench in coat pocket*
Me: I’m going to email your teacher and let her know that if you sneak tools to school that she will let me know so if you are sneaking tools you need to take them out right now.
Carver: *takes pipe wrench out of backpack*

He is such a hoot.  If he isn’t a mechanic, farmer, construction worker or engineer, I’d be missing my guess.

Carver turns four next week.  He has really been an added bonus to my life.  When I had my own children, I always thought I’d have grandchildren but never pushed it.  I loved my children in their own right, not as a means to having a grandchild….if grandchildren came, awesome…if they didn’t, I had a life companion in my children.  I look at all of my grandchildren as an added bonus.  Carver has paved the way to show me just how fun they can be.

Thanks so much to blog readers for thinking of him.  I love knowing he’s special to you too.

13 thoughts on “In the Mail….The Carver Edition”

  1. Oh that Carver. Mom and Dad have their hands full with that character :-) So glad you’ve got an energetic little guy in your life to keep you laughing and entertained!

    Wishing ya’ll a wonderful week!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Oh that boy! What a joy to have an interested and interesting little boy. I can’t wait for the next grandchildren episode I look forward to them and laugh. I wonder if Carver has figured out how momma knows what he has in his back pack.

  3. thank-you for the mail call. I shared it with my friend Donna. We both laughed. Yes, it is fine that Carver picked out two masks. That was a very tall order to have a little person to just pick one mask. The pictures were wonderful.

  4. Carver reminds me of my oldest when he was that age. My father made the mistake of buying him a set of real kid size tools and many places suffered in my house before I finally had to make them disappear. LOL

    I would love to know where the tool fabric came from. I have a gr’son that would love a quilt like that, too!

  5. Jo, for the binding video, you really only HAVE to get a good video of the one part you didn’t get before. If your final video has you showing 2 steps on one quilt, and then the third step on a different quilt, and then the final steps back on the original quilt, that’s okay. It’s showing the steps, not showing the steps all the way through on one project, that’s important! It’s a lot to have to re-film everything, but not as bad to re-film one step. Your time is valuable!!

  6. That tool panel is perfect for any kid, Carvers reaction is Wow!! I like his mad face, lol
    No grandchildren for us so I really do enjoy that you share with us.

  7. Carver is adorable. I agree with you – I like that his parents just let him like what he likes, no matter what it is. I did that, also, and I think kids are better off for it in the long run. The whole world is open to them rather than their choices being limited. The tool quilt is amazing!

    Melts my heart that Carver wanted something for Gannon, too. What a sweet boy to want to share. I think you contribute to that quality. You are always showing examples of sharing. Donation quilts and all related supplies, for one.

    Thank you for everything you do.

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