In the Mail…

WOW…my mail has been so busy.  I’m trying so hard to keep up but it’s really been a lot.  I’m going to jump right in…

The first package came from Marilyn.  She’s a thrifter and found these prints in the bottom of a scrap bag…

Check out the funky smiles on the cows…and chickens….so cute…and John Deere fabric is something I’m collecting.  I’m guessing one day Carver will want a quilt with it.

Thanks for thinking of me Marilyn.

Here’s the next package….
It is from Donna in NY.  She said the magazines were for Kelli who was looking for quick things to feed Jason.

I’m sneaking them up to my bedroom and will read them first.  I am really excited to check out the two quilt books too.  I love what I saw when I was flipping through Make Baby Quilts and Easy Cut Quilts with a Modern Twist.

Both look they would be a great resource for making charity quilts.  I’ll likely pass them along to the Cresco ladies after I’m done looking at them.  PERFECT.

The fruits and veggie fabrics are fab.  I’ve started collecting them thinking someday I want to make another foody quilt.

What fun fabrics…and what fun books and magazines.

The next package came from Barbara…..
This box was raided before I took pictures.  The ladies from Cresco were here and delivered quilt tops.  I knew they were coming and knew they liked getting scrap batting so I took all of the scrap batting and passed it on to them.

Here is what was left in the box….
I started opening them bag by bag.

Oh what great goodies.  There were great neutral scaps, Kaffe scraps and batik ones too!  How fun!!

Oh…check out the Christmas stocking kit.  I don’t do this style of needlework.  Do any of you?  Are you interested?
There were two quilt tops in the mix too. The first one is simple charm squares….I sure love the colors.

The next one was made with Little House on the Prairie fabrics. It’s a jelly roll race quilt.Backing fabric is here too!!

Is there anyone that lives near a Laura Ingalls Wilder museum?  I am sure they have benefit fundraisers.  It would be so neat if this could go there.  Anyone know of anything like that?  Anyone willing to finish it for such a cause?  Drop me an email if you are.  Here’s my email

Barbara was so sweet.  Not only did she send all of this, she also send a check to go to the postage fund.  YAHOO!!  That is so appreciated.  Seriously, as soon as money goes into that fund it comes right back out as I am always shipping things out and it’s expensive.

But wait (just like the infomercials) there is more!!  Barbara sent boxes of goodies out to people on the charity quilt donation list.  She sent boxes to Sandy, Ronda, Bonnie, and Sandra.  How wonderful!!  I’m so awed by your generosity Barbara!!  WOW. Thank you so much.

More goodies came in too….a card from my old college room mate.  We’ve recently reconnected and it’s been really nice.  She sent me a gift card to use in my adventures back and forth to my doctor appointments.  She knows I love McDonalds coffee drinks.  Thanks so much.

A package of quilt tops came from Gayle in NJ.

This one is so awesome. It’s fishing themed.  I so wish we could find someone who would finish it for an outdoors type charity group.  Around here there is Pheasants Unlimited and Whitetails.  Both have regular fundraisers.

Here is the a couple closer shots. Isn’t it the cutest??

I think it might bring good money for the charity if it was auctioned off at such a benefit. If you are willing to finish it and donate it on to such a fundraiser, let me know…if
I don’t find somewhere like that, I’ll likely send it on to Cheryl in Dallas. The charity she is working with now has both men and women. I’m sure a guy there would love this…and the top is big…just what Cheryl needs.The next top is so cute. If it needed to be bigger, it certainly could be. Another floral border on it would work splendidly. It’s great as is though too….so cute!!

Here is a fun yet simple design…. I took a second picture to try to figure out the design. I love quilts like this, simple to sew but interesting in design. This is the last one from Gayle. This one is made with Fig Tree fabrics I think. So cute.

If someone is interested in finishing these tops, drop me a line.  I have so many quilt tops coming in as of late.  I could use another finisher or two!!  This is what seems to happen…I find someone and then you all “highjack” them by sending them quilts directly…then I don’t have someone to send them to.  It’s COMPLETELY okay.  I’m thankful for it in fact.  If you are new to finishing tops or if you have gotten tops from me before and want more, seriously, drop me a line.  I’ll get tops to you.  Here’s my email  The only thing you need to do is send me a picture of the completed projects and tell us where you donated the top to…that’s it.

You all are so sweet to think of me and/or the charity quilting project.  I appreciate it so much.  A long time ago I had an idea that this charity project might work.  Seriously, I had no idea it would morph into all it is.  Seriously, I feel like I need a secretary to handle it all!!  I guess that’s a good problem to have though…right?!

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  1. Search Quilts for Kids Four Patch quilt. There are also other quick comfort quilt patterns – free. Our guilds make a lot of these for Tufts Floating Children’s Hospital NICU. We make both four patch & two strip units. Quick & easy.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Jo I live fairly close to Mansfield, MO where the Laura Ingallls Wilder museum is I can find out if they would like to use the quilt top. Anyone who plans on visiting Branson or any of Southern MO. It’s worth going to Mansfield and seeing the Wilder place where the museum is.

  3. It was good to see my package got to you and you were going to look at the recipes before passing them on. Maybe they should stay at your house as you are family meal house!!!!!!! Happy Cooking and Creating.

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