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Ah..I got more goodies in the mail.  I have a really fun problem…When I think I’m all caught up on the mail posts and thank yous, I publish it and just like that, more things come in the mail.  I consider it a great “problem” to have.

A “squishy” came in the mail.  That’s a package I can squish that I always guess must be fabric and this was!!  Look!!  Kaffe fabrics.  YAHOO.  I am so happy.  It was the perfect “squishy”.  I’m so tempted to dig into all these great fabrics but I have a couple “must dos” that must get done.  With the turn of the calendar to September, I’m starting to feel the rush of HAVING to get a few things done to meet some later deadlines.

As much as I love the outdoors…and I really do…I’ll admit, I’m starting to get ready to hunker down into some days when I don’t have to be outside…I’m not walking every night and I have longer time of uninterrupted sewing.

By the way…I have no idea who sent these fabrics.  No note…no return address.  THANK YOU so much to whoever you are.  Your gift is so

Martha from Oklahoma was spoiling me again….

All of this and a card for me was squished into a small package.  All sorts of goodies.

The kids love stickers, paper and envelopes.  The play post office, scribble and fill pages with stickers.  The stickers are great for fine motor skills.  It’s great.  I never worry if they only make a few scribbles on the pages or fill things with stickers as you all are so generous by sending them our way.  The kids and thank you.

The kids LOVE calculators.  They pass them off to the little ones who want cell phones and the little ones don’t know the difference…BAHAHAHA!!  I was happy to see the refrigerator magnet.  I’ve been recycling them.  I cut them up and hot glue them on the back of crafts we make so they can hang on the refrigerator.

Martha also sent some money which I’m adding to the charity postage fund.  I so appreciate money for the fund.

The next box came from Gayle in MI.

She belongs to a guild that received a donation from a family.  She ended up picking up a few cross stitch type things for me….and fabric.

There were lots of cross stitch books.  I’ve set the pile by my bed and have been enjoying paging through them.  There are a couple alphabet books that I am extra excited about.  Remember I cross stitched back in the late 80’s and then gave it up when my kids got bigger….well I gave my stuff away so now, I have some back.  It must be like a boomerang!!  Bahahaha!!

Gayle used fabric for cushioning!!  How fun and fabrics to add to my collection.  I still am not sure what I’m doing with the calicos…but something fun I’m sure!!

The next package came from Meri.  It was a fun combination of things for me and the kiddos.

There were brightly colored pipe cleaners which we often use…and fun little butterflies along with a few other things.  The butterflies are immediately being used.  We’ve been talking about butterflies a lot.  One of my childcare kiddos has three chrysalis growing.  How fun.  It was perfect timing!!

Coloring books and paper are always welcome!!

…and fabric, yes please.  I love the one top…see how is says HAPPY is many different colors.  That definitely brought a smile!!

There was a lovely note and Meri included some money.  I’m adding that to the charity quilting postage fun as well.  I so appreciate it.  That fund had dissolved and I was paying the postage from my money…which I don’t mind..but it does get expensive.  Sharing the load is great!!

The next package came from Laurie….She send a very sweet, much appreciated note.  She’s a Goodwill shopper so I’m sure we’d be kindred spirits!

She had stuff for everyone!!  The kids are going to love these little notepads.  I actually think I’ll save the strawberry and star ones.  I’ll write a letter of the alphabet on them and then put them around the house.  The kids can find them and we’ll put them in alphabetical order.  They will LOVE it!!  Anything that involves hunting and finding is a hit.  I might put it away until November when we can’t get outside and I need something quick to entertain them.

Phones!!  YAHOO!  One of the ones we got a few weeks ago broke enough that I can’t fix it.  I always need some in reserve as that happens from time to time.  Seriously phones, calculators and kids sunglasses along with blankets and pillows are the most played with things here.

There were more goodies too.  I’d love to find time to stitch the nursery blocks.  How fun.

Kayla is going to squeal when she sees this vintage crochet edging book.  She loves vintage crochet…loves, loves.

Thanks so much Laurie.  You are the sweetest to think of me and the kiddos.

I continue to awed by the kindnesses that come my way.  Several of the people who sent things wrote lovely notes telling me how the blog touches their life.  I started this 10 years ago with the hope that I would have a record of my life.  Little did I know that there would be ripple effects from it.  I’m so happy that something that started out to me just for me turned into being a part of so many of your lives.

4 thoughts on “In the Mail…”

  1. What nice surprises you get with all your gifts. People are truly a great friend to you, and a sweet blessing. Isn’t it fun to get mail like that? You are a sweet lady and this is good for you and the kids you take care of . I bet their parents appreciate having you as there Day Care lady Have a great evening

  2. Can anyone identify that awesome fabric on the top of the Kaffe pile – the one that looks kinda like corn kernels? Is that a Kaffe fabric? I want some!

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