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Oh my word…I’m behind on my mail thank yous.  I’m hoping that with the writing of this post, I’ll be all caught up and feel better about it.  A couple of these packages have been sitting on my table for well over a month.  My apologies.

Cindy N sent the kids a box that I had to quickly whisk away.  Isn’t the box adorable??

The box is bigger than it looks as inside were all of these goodies….

The kids are going to have so much fun at Christmas time with all of this.  So much fun!!  There are stickers and foam shapes.  I’m so excited as I won’t be needing to prep so many things and they’ll have great supplies to work with.  Thanks a million Cindy.

Cindy also sent a lovely card and some red dish towels for me.  PERFECT for my red kitchen counters.  I can always use dish towels.  The kiddos are always spilling.

My next box came from Ellie L.  Ellie has been so sweet to me.  She was sorting fabrics and sent some calicos my way plus some goodies for the kiddos- new markers, envelopes and stickers.  They love it!!

Here’s a closer look at the calicos.  I’m picking the dark blue and the yellow one as my favorites.

Thanks so much Ellie!!

A squishy package came from Carla in Texas.  She writes that she knows I love red and she knows I like mens shirts so she gifted me some goodies.

It’s perfect.  Red is my color and mens shirts are my fave.  How fun!!  I’ve never seen this shirt so it’s an especially good one to add to my collection.

MG in Florida sent goodies my way.

The kids were so happy with some new goodies.  Seriously, it matters not what it is…they love it all.

We’re already done a couple activities with the stickers!!  Money is a hot item around here too.  Carver and the littles that are his age play what they call “two dollars”.  That means store.  They line up toys and then if someone wants to buy something they have to pay $2.  It’s so cute to watch.  By the way, at this age, $2 means any denomination of two paper bills equals two dollars.  So cute!!
…and goodies for me.   I’m passing the John Deere fabric on to Kelli.  She’s the John Deere farmer of the family.  She’s been collecting scraps to make a quilt for her nephew.  This should get her a little closer.

There were calicos and homespuns in the bunch for me…plus some quilt books.  MG said that she enjoys just looking at them.  I definitely do too.

Thanks so much for all the fun goodies!!  I so appreciate the time you took to write a letter.  I say it all the time, I love the letters and notes.

My next package came from “J”….at least I think that’s what the signature is…I think the person didn’t want to be know.  I appreciate the gift and the note.

The note was fun too and thanks so much for the gift card.  She sent along 100% cotton sheets that could be used for backings.  She sent a quilt top that she found at an estate sale….

She sent along these old vintage blocks from the estate sale too.

There is a big stack of these.  I’ve been debating and debating about what to do with these.  She mentioned in her letter that maybe Ronda could finish the quilt top.  I’m hoping she doesn’t mind but I think I am going to put these up for auction here on the blog and let one of you buy them..then I’d add the money to my charity fund postage account.  It costs a lot of money getting packages to Ronda and others who do charity quilting.  The money would help off set that.  Thanks so much.  Your package was so appreciated!!

What prompted me to think about the postage account fund was that Cheryl in Dallas who does charity quilting, sent money to help with the charity fund postage account.  Cheryl sends out lots of charity quilts and knows the high cost of postage.  THANKS so much Cheryl.

Something else that came in my mail…not a gift but what a treat!  It’s my Instant Ink.  I can’t tell you how much I love this program.  It’s super easy…I (rather Buck) signed me up.  I pay something like $4.95 a month and HP takes care of all the ink I need.  This allows me 100 copies a month.  There are plans for 50 copies a month too.  The good news is that pages roll over into the next month too.

They must provide some SUPER-DUPER ink cartridges too as I have yet to change an ink cartridge and we’re over half way through a year!!  That’s an added option that I love too.

This one came in the mail and will be here when my current cartridge goes bad.

It’s been so nice not having to worry about cartridges…do I have enough?  Will my brand be in stock?  How much is that going to cost?  I don’t have to remember what type of cartridge I need…nothing.  They do it all for me and it’s been so nice.  I’m putting a link to it HERE.  There is also a link at the top of the blog post here that lists things that I recommend.

So far, the Instant Ink program gets five BIG stars from me!!

That makes me all caught up on the mail from my mailbox.  THANKS to everyone.  I so appreciate being thought of and the kiddos do too.  It’s so special that you make me a part of your life.


2 thoughts on “In the Mail”

  1. Instant link looks like a super idea! Ink is expensive for a laser printer which is what I have. And lots of goodies. Love the quilt blocks. I would just sash them and sew them all together into a quilt.

  2. I recently started to collect some homespun fabrics for a pumpkin class that I’m taking in October, love the ones you received. I think you get the best boxes of surprises in the mail.

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