In the Mail….

Our mailbox has been busy with cards and well wishes…but also goodies.  I’m not the only one getting mail either.

We got a wonderful box of goodies from my niece Jody.  (I forgot to take a picture)  It was filled with things with Kramer in mind.  Jody explained that with her chemo treatments she gets a weird taste in her mouth.  She sent some candies that are flavored, peppermints and jelly beans to stave off some of that.  There were puzzle books to try to stave off some “cancer brain” too.  I’m so not looking forward to that next step for us.  Jody is going to be a wonderful and helpful resource when we get there though.  I so wish we would be getting vacation spot or crafting advice instead.

Kramer got a wonderful package from a blog reader “across the pond”.  It was super thoughtful and anonymous.  All we know is that it was from a reader in England.  THANKS whoever you are.

Kramer is often looking through them.  He loves all things farming so this was PERFECT.

I got a box in the mail from Trish.  How fun!  Take a look…..
I started digging in….Purples are fun!

These are really nice flannels….

How fun are these colors?  Reds, turquoise, and navies.  LOVE!!  Add some more pieces in those color families and PERFECT.  

A mixture…Wait, it that one scrap a Kaffe fabric…YES.  And that turquoise?  That matches the fabrics above.
This one could work with the too I think…FUN!

Here’s even more fun BATIKS!  A bunch.  Oh my…be still my heart.  I’m going to need to do another batik quilt soon.

Here’s some fun fabrics….I love the little gray zebras.  So precious.

BUT…my favorite of all…THIS!  Trish must be doing a hexi quilt.  These are charm pack size and a hexi is cut from each one.  I am going to trim these down to small strips and scraps.  I have a little spot that I’ve been keep Kaffe fabrics with the hope that someday I have enough for a project.  This sure will help the cause.

I’ve not bought any of them new.   I’ve picked up some here and there at the thrift store or been gifted scraps.  It’s fun thinking of what I might end up doing with them!!

What fun mail deliveries we have had.  Thank you so much to everyone who has sent things.  Kramer loves reading the cards learning where people are from.  I’ve always told him that I have a great blog readers but now that he’s been home so much, he can really see it is true.

2 thoughts on “In the Mail….”

  1. How fun is that??? All the goodie boxes, finding all the cool scraps. I am so happy that you have such great blog followers. I hope you are both feeling appreciated . Hopefully all the caring thoughts and prayers will make this time go quickly so Kramer can heal and your family can get back to normal.

  2. All of that came out of one box? I actually saw Kaffe at the International Quilt Festival in Birmingham England in 2016. Could have bought his book for him to sign but standing close to him was enough. Would love to go back this year. Jenny Doan is going to be there. My English quilting buddy would welcme me.

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