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My mailbox has been busy and I’ve not been home all the time with doctor stays…then when I am home, I’m playing catch up.  So this post of thanks is a little late.

Ila and her Hubby sent us a box of tangeloes.  YUM.  They are the juiciest ever.

I’ve been throwing them in my bag when we run out the door to the doctor.  They are the perfect take along something to eat.  THANKS Ila and Tom!!

A big box of yarn came from Ronda, the charity quilter.  I opened the box when the kiddos were here and immediately they were begging for yarn.  The school aged girls were thrilled as they have been making pompoms.  I told them the yarn was for making charity projects but if they would help me sort it, I’d let them keep a couple small balls.  They love the variegated colors.

The one of the girls squealed and said, “Jo, can you show me how to do the string tricks again?”  So a few minutes later we were doing string tricks and no sorting happened that day.  I love teaching string tricks.  Kids are so amazed by them.  Two that I teach, my dad taught me.

More things came….stickers and seeds from Sue in Medina, TN.  Seeds and thinking SPRING…YES.  Just what I need.  These will get planted and enjoyed all summer.

A card with fabric came from Rebecca in Molino, FL.  This is the exact type of fabric I got in the bag from the auction that I blogged about HERE.  I’ll add this piece to the rest.  

Check out this wonderful homemade card from Carolyn and the Pierce City Quilters.  I sent them some fabric items.  Their group will be featured here on the blog on Thursday.
I got a package from Nell….it was….WOOL!!

I have a couple projects I’d like to do and haven’t done with wool.  Will this be what entices me back to working with wool?  I hope!!

A box of fabric came in from Pauline in Ohio.  It was filled with goodies.  Pauline gave me the option to keep what I thought I could used and pass along the rest.   There were TEMPTATIONS galore.

Reds…ladies…Reds.  You know red is my favorite.

I grabbed the purple right away but sadly it was seersucker.  Happily I know a church group that quilts that can use this.

Check out that floral…it’s flannel.  I wonder if Kelli has a girl if she’d like burp clothes from this?  Hmm.  I’ll ask.
This weathervane fabric is WAY cute.

Not only did Pauline treat me but the childcare kiddos got a treat too.  Stickers, note pads, calendars….but best of all CELL PHONES!!
Did you know that phones are the VERY most played with thing at my house?  I could easily have 12 more and they would get used.  I buy every play phone and every cell phone I ever find on garage sales and thrift stores…the second most played with items is KEYS.   Carver runs around here with a black cell phone all the time.  He will dump out all of the toys to find his precious black phone.  Anytime anyone wants to get rid of an old phone feel free to send them my way.  The kids LOVE them.

Pauline sent along some sample cards that salesmen used to sell fabrics.  I think I’m going to see if the school kids would like these to play with them for a bit.  The school aged girls might like to play salesman and quilt shop owner.  I’ll have to show them how it would work, but it would be fun.

THANKS Pauline!!  The kids are going to love you!

WOW!  What a mailbox full of goodies!!  Thanks so much everyone.  I so appreciate the time and thoughtfulness put in to sending me goodies.

Finding goodies in the mailbox and comments in the comment section has been a big treat-more than ever.  It’s so comforting to know that people are out there thinking and praying for the best results for our family.

Hubby has his biopsy tomorrow.  We won’t get the results for a few days….two or three we were told.  I’ll let you know when we know.

10 thoughts on “In the Mail…”

  1. Wonderful that the young ones get so excited over your mail! Have you seen the technique to crochet with your hands to make very simple scarfs? This may be a project some older ones may be interested in. I was at a craft show and the girl scout/brownies were making them on site to sell. Fun! and engaging!

  2. Quite the haul you got. Along with cell phones in my toy box I also have a Kindle. Little kids don’t know it doesn’t work. They play with it just as if it did.

  3. How is the snow down in Iowa? I think we got 8+ inches in La Crosse. With 60+ minutes of shoveling, I got my exercise for today. Hope you have s snow blower handy. Hope you make it in for your appointment. Good luck!

  4. Thinking of you and your family. I have been following you for quite a while and love to see your projects

    Just an old Iowa girl from Fort Dodge.

  5. Jo I love reading your blog and keeping up with the childcare kids and especially your family. Prayers for a good report on the biopsy.

  6. Just make sure u take the batteries out of the cell.phones, they can still call 911. when i worked for a cell phone company, we had a couple instances of that. we finally found the cause of it, a cell phone in a toy box.
    Sendin prayers for continued good health reports.

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