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Mail call!!!  I got goodies in the mail again.  Lots of these need a LONG-LONG over due thank you.  Things came shortly before the retreat and at about that time…I was in over my head in planning.   Finally I am starting to feel like I am getting caught up.  FINALLY!!  Yahoo.

Check out this wonderful cross stitch pattern I got from Anna Sweet.  I LOVE IT!  I love it enough that I am making plans to stitch it.  Next time Kelli and I venture out on a cross stitch run I am going to try to find some cloth.  This is a big project in terms of my stitching ability….but I really like it.  The copyright on it is 1986 but an oldie can still be a goodie.  This was perfect for me Anna.  THANKS!!


I got what I originally thought was big box of scrap fabric from Marjorie in Fountain City, WI.  Then as I was digging and sorting through the box I found two quilt tops.  I’m saving them and will show you them as they are quilted.  On is batiks and really fun.  Best yet, Marjorie threw in the left over batik scraps…YAHOO…my collection is growing!!

Ila sent me a box of scraps…here they are…


After I get done writing this blog post I am going to dig through all the bags and see what’s in them.  I can’t wait…fabric petting will be happening here SOON!

I got cards from Cheryl in Texas and Lori who does the binding for the quilts that have been going to Sharehouse.  THANKS ladies.  I appreciate you donations to the quilt projects more than you know.


I got another box.  This one is from Claire in Davenport, IA.  This quilt top was included.


Claire writes that is was her first quilt top ever made and she did it about four years ago.  She doesn’t love it anymore and is happily passing it on.  It will make a perfect donation quilt.  She also added backing, binding and other goodies.

The thing I like best is the note.  People don’t always realize that at times when I write, I feel like I’m talking to myself rather than an audience.  Getting notes and hearing from readers really feeds my want to continue to write.  So often when I go places people say “I feel like you are my best friend”.  That is so sweet.  I appreciate hearing that…but I also appreciate reading the comments people leave on the blog or on Facebook or in personal notes.  It’s so nice that people take time to write.

Thanks to everyone who sent goodies or thought good thoughts about the blog.  I appreciate all you do.  THANKS so much to you all for thinking of me.

8 thoughts on “In the Mail”

  1. You and Kelli will always be special because Kelli and I were in the same hotel in Disney at the same time about a year and a half ago. I wish I’d found out she was there before my last night there. It would have been fun to meet her.

  2. It’s fun that you share the fabrics that arrive in the mail. I love looking at them and thinking about how you might use them and about the person that sent them. Your drive to use snippets of time to quilt inspires me. I just need to work harder at being a quilter that is more like you!

  3. Like many of your other fans, I read your blog everyday…and most days twice a day. I enjoy everything about it ….J. (from Ontario, Canada

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