In the Mail

My mailbox has been busy again…So many goodies have been coming my way.

Hedy a long time blog reader and now friend sent me a box of goodies.  Some things were for me and some for the childcare kiddos.


The princess and Paw Patrol stickers I’m saving for when we have the letter  “P” day.  How perfect.  The weaving book I’ve been looking at a couple nights in bed.  There was a baggie of barrettes in the package.  Neighbor Girl was over the day the package came and she was admiring them.  I ended up letting her pick out ones she thought she would wear.  She was so excited.  The next day she was over at Kalissa’s house and the was telling Kalissa all about how much she loved the barrettes and all about the ones she was wearing…So CUTE.  THANKS for that Hedy.

Also in the mix were some fabrics…all farm-ish.  I love them.


I also got a two boxes from Marion in TN.  FABRIC!!  and lots.  The stack with the jelly roll has that jelly roll with two matching charm packs and extra yardage.  FUN!  Several projects can be made with that.  That stripped fabric I’ve had before.  It works really well for binding on baby quilts.  It matches lots.


In the other box were baby quilts…LOTS OF THEM! See? Marion has sent baby quilts before and I’ve loved working on her quilt tops.  I’m hoping my shoulder will get in shape and I can get back to these.


Debbie from Fox Trot Farm also sent me a box of goodies.  Debbie sent me fabric scraps that she was sure she wouldn’t use and a jar of honey from their farm.  It’s in the cutest jar.  Once the honey is used people can wash the jar and then put the like with the slit in it and use it as a coin jar.  How cute!!

You might remember Debbie is the blog reader that I sent a couple African Violet leaves to and she started some of her own violet babies.  She wrote about it in her blog.  Here’s a link.  You can find their Facebook page here.  I love all the pictures they post of the animals.  Their blog is fun too.  If you’re ever looking for recipes that use lamb, she has them!!

Thanks so much Hedy and Marion and Debbie for thinking of me and the childcare kiddos.  I love getting my mail as now days with on line bill payments my mailbox actually has more good things than bad!!  That’s because I have awesome generous blog readers!!

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