In the Mail…

Mail is still coming in.  Thankfully it’s not all coming to my house.  More is going directly to the people that are using it.  Direct mail is really how I need things to happen so this is great.

By direct mailing, I mean, mail the fabric/batting scraps/UFOs and orphan blocks directly to someone on the Donation Page.  Find that page HERE.

I am planning a complete overhaul on that page in a couple of weeks.  Right now there is too much going on around here (I don’t always tell you about everything happening here) and I don’t have time to over haul the page the  right way right now…so it’s waiting for me to have time…and then I am going to do it right.  Please be patient with me and use what we have for now or wait with your donation until time allows me to update the page.

Now to today’s post.

Carol asked for shirt collars from blog readers.  With a group of ladies she belongs to, they are making dog collars from the recycled shirts.  Carol said she has enough for now but thanks to everyone who sent collars.  She’ll let you know if she ends up needing more.

Here are some of the goodies that came her way…

Here are some of the cute-cute dog collars they made with the shirt collars.

Aren’t they just precious?  If I was someone who was into dressing my dog, I’d love these.

This package was sent to me and that’s perfect because it was filled with flannel for my friend who makes the baby care kits.  I don’t mind it stopping off here as I regularly collect things that have to be delivered to my friend.

If you have anything for baby care kits, find the items needed HERE, you can send them to me.

The box that came was FILLED with flannel.  This is awesome!!

I’ve gotten in many cards and notes.  Many included money for the postage fund.  I think you all knew that to get my mail back up cleaned out, it was going to take a few dollars.  It was so appreciated.

Check out this homemade card…so cute!

Included with these envelopes was a package from Kayla.  She has an Etsy shop and the shop has stickers besides all her linens, vintage clothes and other goodies.

Here are the stickers she currently has available.

I love these vintage ones…

Kayla included this note.  She is offering a discount code:  JOSCOUNTRYJUNCTION.  It is good through the end of the year on anything from her shop including these cute sticker sheets.

You can find her shop HERE.

Kayla sent me an extra pack of stickers and I’ll happily send them to one of you.  Just make sure you leave a comment on this blog post.  I’ll pick a winner next week.

Two other packages came in.  One from Michigan and another from Minnesota.

The first package had some scraps and this project.  It’s a great quilt as you go project.  Does anyone what to finish this?  The pieces are quilted and just need to be put together.  Feel free to contact me if you want to finish this and donate it to a charity or benefit.

The other box was filled with scraps and muslin….postage money and…

A quilt top.  The colors on this are so great together.

A long-time blog read from Owatonna, MN contacted me asked if she could drop some things off.  She already had it packed up when I announced that I would not personally be accepting quilt tops donations or quilting fabric.   She already had someone lined up to deliver it so I said yes.

I sorted through it all immediately and got things to where they needed to go except for a couple of totes that will go to the ladies from Decorah.

That’s it for mail.  Most of this came over a week ago and this last week, nothing has come in except for a package I’ll tell you more about later.  I can’t tell you what a relief it all is.  I still have plenty to keep me busy and will slowly figure it all out.  For now it’s all sorted and that’s the first step I needed to get through.

Before you go…Make sure to leave a comment if you’re interested in winning the stickers from Kayla.

30 thoughts on “In the Mail…”

  1. Jo,
    I would love to finish the blocks. Also, the stickers are just perfect as I use them when I mail out my fabric postcards to my postcard club I belong to.
    Please put my name in the giveaway.

  2. Jo,
    I would love to win your stickers. Thanks for all you do to make this world a better place. And all your helpers too.

  3. Those stickers look awesome. Will be checking out her Etsy page. Would love to win them. Thanks for all you do !!!

  4. Jo, I look forward to reading your blogs every day. I don’t know you or your family personally, but i feel as if i do know you personally through your blogs. It’s so good to know that someone has kindness to share with others. I thought the stickers were adorable! Looking forward to more blogs.

  5. Those dog collars are super adorable, how clever. I’m so glad that you are getting less boxes and the new charity page is working for us all. I will check out Kayla site.

  6. Jo, your blog is is the first thing I read every morning while I drink my coffee. Your kindness and energy is amazing. The love you share with your family and friends is wonderful. Thank you!

  7. How CUTE are those doggie collars! Jo I am so glad you are able to have things sent directly to people and relieve some of the stress on you having to sort and ship everything. You are such a hard worker and inspiration to others. Love those stickers, thinking how I could use them in my hand-made journals. Keeping you in my prayers. Have a blessed day!

  8. I look forward to reading your blog. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us. I’m amazed by all you accomplish! I love your strength and resolve facing illness and loss. ❤

  9. Those collars are really cute. I don’t know if my dog would tolerate one for very long. I might have to try it tho. Love ya, Jo. Glad your mail is getting a little better. Pam

  10. Virginia Grenier

    I hope the QAYG gets claimed, it’s gorgeous and QAYG are such gratifying projects to work on. The stickers are so fun – nice variety.

    Clearbrook MN

  11. I’m glad you got the mail situation figured out after it got out of hand. You certainly benefited many people by seeing a need and stepping up to make a difference. God bless you.

  12. I would love to win some of Kayla’s stickers! I have used stickers on all my correspondence (except bills!) for almost my whole marriage (closing in on 50!!). Hers are so cute and useful! I am glad you are getting a handle on the mail coming in. I used to be overwhelmed just looking at the pictures of it all. As always, HUGS to you & the family.

  13. Hi, Jo! I just placed an order from Kayla’s shop. Please note the discount code is JOSCOUNTRY without the JUNCTION. Thanks!

  14. Hi Jo, glad the mail situation is getting sorted out and more doable for you. Quilters are wonderful human beings!

  15. Ok so some of the things Kayla is selling she’s calling vintage. Oh no! Some of those things I had as a child, and I used the flash cards when teaching. So am I vintage? I don’t feel vintage! LOL

  16. Those dog collars are adorable and I like that another piece of the shirt has a use.

    Kayla’s stickers are so cute! They’d be handy for lots of different embellishments.

  17. Hi Jo! Hope you are feeling well! I am pretty excited to share one of the quilt tops you’ve passed on to me for community gifting. It was in Christmas / winter colorings and pattern so I had to kick it up a notch and go Full On Christmas with it! Hoping to have the binding on after this weekend. Take care of yourself above all else!

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