In the Mail…

Oh my word…I had a busy mail day.  Can you believe all of this came on the same mail day??  It’s hard to believe, right??

This was the first box I grabbed.  Darn.  It said “box 2 of 2”.  Do I proceed with this box or go find box “1 of 2”??  I decided stick with this box first.

It was filled with the heavier-weight decorator fabric.

This is box #1.  Both came from Jackie.  She was so sweet and said she’d love to include postage money but just sending this was expensive.  Please never feel like you should send postage money.  The postage auctions are doing well and your gift is appreciated as is.

There were lots of bigger cuts of fabric.  I’ll be …saving these for some of the finishers who need backing fabrics.

These were all a bit smaller cuts.

So many pretty colors all perfect for quilt backings!!

There was a stack of precut fishing-themed prints.  These will make a great men’s quilt.

There was a stack of blocks too.  These already have a home.

Thanks so much Jackie.

Check out the outside of this box.  YES please, I’d love to open this one!

These all came from Nancy.

Check out all of the goodies.

Nancy had written earlier and asked if someone might be interested in this for the postage fund auction.  Oh my, it’s beautiful.  I thought we’d give it a try.

Look at all of the beautiful yarns to make this.  It’s needlepoint and everything is there to make the stitched pieces for the chair.  WOW.

Check out all of the cross-stitch fabric.

Cross stitch patterns too!!

This one was the one I was most excited about.  I’d really like to find more Blackbird Designs pieces.  Being I just came back to cross-stitch recently, many of their patterns are out of print and no longer available.  I went on Etsy and a few other places trying to older charts to purchase but I’ve had no luck.

I plan on stitching this one for my dough bowl.  It’s on the 2022 plan.
Ooo.  Magazines too!

There were many cute prints.  I put the bright-colored kid prints in a package for Julie who makes pillowcases for kids.  The Pooh fleece I passed on for my friend who makes baby care kits.  I didn’t know if she uses fleece or not…SHE DOES!  I was happy to know that as now I have a good place to send fleece to.  YAHOO!

That box was MUCH bigger than I thought as here is even more from the box…

…end even more!!  These were all charm packs.  For now, I kept these.  I often get approached by people who are learning to sew.  They want advice on starting…I often pass them a charm pack and tell them to start by sewing these together.  I also have a 13-year-old friend who has been sewing a bit.  She recently made a baby quilt for a friend of the family and had a great time sewing with the charm packs I gave her.  Anything to encourage someone to learn to sew, I call a win!!

The next package came anonymously.

I was super excited to see what was inside…

Cloth diapers and fleece.  YAHOO!!  More goodies to pass on to my friend that makes the baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.  My friend and thank you so much!!

What perfectly cute prints.

Next up was a package from Lisa.  She had bought these embroidery floss bobbins after I had posted about them.  She thought she was going to store her floss this way but then decided to do it differently.  She thought maybe I would like them and, I DO!!  I was just going to order more.

It was perfect timing that these came as I was wanting to order some and hadn’t.

Next Anne sent a package…It was a big piece of T-shirt weight knit fabric.  I’ll pass this to Carolyn so she can make baby gowns for the Lutheran World Relief baby kits.

Carolyn is #35 on the donations page.  She will happily accept all t-shirt or lightweight knit fabric for making baby gowns.  You can find the donation page HERE.

Thanks so much Anne.  This will be put to good use!

The next box made me really smile.  There was cross stitch magazines in it…patterns too.  I was paging through the Christmas Ornaments magazines in no time and was delighted to see that three of them were older and inside they featured some ornaments that I was really happy at the prospect of stitching.

I previously told you that I have become a big fan of Blackbird Designs and that next year I am hoping to make a lot of smaller pieces for my dough bowl.  These will be perfect.  I made copies with my printer so I can more easily keep them in a project bag.  I showed them Kelli when she came and we both had fun paging through the magazines.

There were patterns too.  The big heard one caught my eye.  Wouldn’t that quilt make a fun but easy Quilt of Valor.  The stripes in the background could be red and white…the heart could be blues.  I sure think it would be great.

The next box came from Sally.  WOWZA!!  Patterns galore!!  She said some came from her quilting group.

This was my favorite of the bunch.  It’s a kit and Sally said to keep what I want.  Hmm.  We’ll see.  There are many embroidery and stitching patterns too.

Check out this pretty set.

This was a cute wool kit.

I’ll be sorting through these and putting bundles together for the postage auction.  Nothing makes me wish I had more time than seeing all these great patterns.  Getting this box was just like browsing through a store with all of the patterns.

I have a bundle of wool from the box too.  All a pretty red.  The note in the box suggested this might make good Christmas stockings…great idea!!

I have more boxes of goodies here but I’m going to save those for the next post.

Many thanks to everyone who sent things.  Some of these will likely show up in the next postage auction..some donated and couple of them kept.

Kayla and I are working on an experiment to try to make bidding and tracking bidding a little bit easier.  Stay tuned.

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  1. What a haul! That tapestry for the chair is intriguing! I have a small chair like that but I just had it recovered! I might just bid on that for the postage auction. Jo, you are definitely blessed! 100 times over.

  2. Mail day is so much fun like Christmas. Then we get to see what all the goodies get turned into by all the people who work so hard. Thanks

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