In The Mail…

I published all the mail in one post and the same day, the mail lady delivered five more boxes.  WOW.  It’s a busy place here!!

Let’s get right into it.

The first box came from Susan.  She wrote a very sweet note to go with her box.

Susan was so sweet and include a bit of postage fund money.  It’s always appreciated.  Check out the goodies!!

There were things for the childcare kids.  I had a little one in care go through and break many of the crayons so they are appreciated.  I think we all know at least one little one who has gone through and broken all of the crayons.

I saved the tiny envelopes and will pass them to Kayla.  She is doing stuff with her Etsy shop and I’m sure she could use these if she sells something small.

Susan had said she is coming to terms with how many things she’ll really finish.  I think we all need to do that from time to time.  It was fun collecting but is it fun to maintain the collection.  If not, move some stuff out…and isn’t it wonderful that there are people who will take the pieces you no longer want in your collection and turn them into good??

That’s what I’m here for…me along with dozens of other helpers!!

Here are nine-patch blocks.  They would love a new home.  Does anyone want to finish these and donate the finished quilt to charity??

There were pieces already cut into “bricks” too.

There were lots of other fabrics.

What a great variety.  I know there will some happy quilt makers that get this!

The next box came anonymously…or at least I didn’t find a note.

It was filled with lots of goodies.

There were many scrap bags.  I think one had the leftovers of a basket weave quilt.

There were a few panel squares.  I but Sandra from the Cresco Ladies will do something fun with them.  There were some great coordinating prints too.

There was a quilt kit.  It featured cowboy and western prints.  I took that along with the fabrics on the right in the photo above and will send them off to Jazz.  I’m hoping she can make a couple of cute boy cowboy-themed quilts for the babies in her area.

Check out the fun novelty prints and other fabrics.  There were also some ribbon embroidery things and floss.

Some of the print I put in a novelty print collection I’m saving and will be sent on to Christi for foster care quilts.

Paula sent the next box.  Wanta see what’s in it??

This was on top.  It is a little bit small for a baby quilt so I pulled the coordinating fabrics and will pass that to Jazz as long as I have a package that will be going her way.

There were other prints that were fun too.

Orphan blocks are always loved…I love these as they are so colorful.

But wait…there is more!

This little kit was in the mix.  It’s packaged with batiks.  I am betting this is one of those projects that was AWESOME when seeing the shop sample then got it home and it lost its fizz as the pattern cover didn’t show the quilt as cool as it was in the store.  That happened to me so many times!!

Shirt fabric!! Hooray!!

Here are some of the other goodies…

I ended up keeping the scraps at the bottom of the pictures above.  There weren’t really enough scraps to do much with and I thought they would be perfect in my scrap vortex quilt.

Here were two started projects.  The one on the left is up for grabs.  It’s a layer cake project.  The previous owner started making hourglass blocks.  Only two are done.

Wait…there is still more!

Check out that print in the upper left of the photo.  I am using that exact fabric in the Two-Step quilt I am currently making.  FUN!

Thanks so much!!

The next box is from Carolyn.  She is so sweet and I’m so glad that I’ve connected with her.

I am sharing the note she sent.  Oh, Carolyn.  Age makes no difference to me as far as friendship goes.  Many of my friends are old enough to be my sister or my mom.  I have to say, my mom was my very best friend.  Losing her was extra hard as we were so close.  I love having friends that are old enough to be my mom.

Check out all of the baby gowns Carolyn made!!  She does such an amazing job with these.  I delivered the last bunch and my friend was again tickled!!

Carolyn uses lightweight t-shirt cotton to make these.  If you have some in your stash and want to send some to Carolyn, please do.  She is #35 on the donation page.  You can find that page HERE.

A big shout out to Nelle, Marilyn, and Carolyn’s friend Karen for all of your help in making these happen.

As Carolyn said, she also sent some quilt tops…

This small one is going to Jazz.  I think it needs to be a little bigger.  I’m guessing she’ll come up with something.

Here were two batik beauties…

This is great for a quick top.

All were pretty batiks.  I can’t believe I didn’t use to like batiks…that was when they first became available.  I became a convert a few years ago.

This one was in the mix..I love the colors.  I did a terrible (actually not too terrible- I don’t think thing)  I message Lori asking her about another quilt.  She said yes to that one and I’m popping this one in the bag with it.  I’m sure she won’t care…right?!?!

That’s one thing about me…once I have a person in my mind, I always think about what else I can send to them-  And then I send it.  UGH.

I guess I am a “the more the merrier kind of girl”.

Anyway…next up in the mail…Goodies from Ginny.

Ginny was so sweet and sent some money for the postage fund.  That is so appreciated.

There were lots of goodies too!

Fun fabrics…the flannel I know I am passing on to my Jazz.  She could use some flannel to finish some baby quilts.

The other prints will make wonderful backing fabrics.  I saved them out and will pass them onto a quilt top volunteer finisher.

There were other goodies too…all of this was for making Christmas ornaments.

There were other goodies…  Rosie and the childcare kiddos are so lucky!!

Ginny…thanks so much.

Can you believe all of the mail that came in…WOW.  I’m also very impressed with myself that I feel like I got it all together and all done right.  That never happens.  Thanks everyone for putting up with me…and thanks for the wonderful goodies.  You all made the day of everyone…except maybe my mail lady!!

16 thoughts on “In The Mail…”

  1. I am so glad the box arrived. I have already begun another and will send it out when it is full. I keep one open as I see things that I think you might be able to use or find someone else who could use into the box it goes when the box is full I send it along.

  2. Jo, I can’t wait for all that great Texas-themed fabric! The little buckaroos born at Ben Taub and LBJ hospitals here in Houston just love ’em! We like to start our new cowboys and cowgirls off right, right from birth.
    Thank you, and thanks to your generous donors!

  3. Jo- your mail posts are really a highlight of my week! You must feel like it is Christmas! How you keep track of everything is truly amazing! If no one has spoken for the hourglass blocks I would be glad to take them and add them to some other blocks for a Project Linus quilt I am making. I hope the auction went well! Kristy-

  4. the boxes were exciting to see what was up next. Those cowboy fabrics looked like major fun. So many lovely fabricsxand blocks super mail call. Actually the mail lady is your connector. Take care.

  5. Jo, I stuffed 7 boxes for you today, lots of different stuff, but mostly backs. I hope you and your wonderful band of helpers can use it. There’s more to come as long as you can use layer cakes, charms, , jelly rolls,, fat quarters, remnants, and scraps.
    You don’t have to share this note, but I feel like I need to explain myself. I am bipolar, and when I get in my manic phase, I buy way more than I should. I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed by it all, and feel guilty for spending all that money. My husband is very understanding (I wish you still had Kramer!), and has agreed to help me take care of all this.
    Nothing would make me happier than for you to make use of it all with your charity partners. I plan to hold back some of my supplies to make some things for my friends or relatives and flimsies for you! My doctor recommends it (especially since she’s pregnant!).
    I’ll stay in touch, and send much love!

    1. Dianne…I am so happy your husband is understanding and helpful. I’m so proud of you for taking care of your health and working with your doctor. That’s awesome!! I will happily find good homes for it all. So many will be blessed…the makers and the recipients of the things that were made. Thank you so much!!

  6. WOW!!! What generous readers you have!! Such great mail you received!!!
    Yesterday I picked up a ‘New to me” Grace Long arm quilting frame and machine so I will be joining your list of finishers as soon as I get it put back together and learn how to use it. We had to take it apart to get it out of her house. It is 12 feet long. So I imagine I can do any size quilt on it. It came with all kinds of pantographs . I am just over the moon excited, but I feel like I stole it from her as I got it for $1300. She said she just didn’t have time to use it as she went back to work. It is in new condition. The machine is a Janome.
    Anyway, as soon as I am comfortable using it, I will contact you to add me to your finishers list.
    Have a great week.

  7. Oh Jo, what a joy it must have been to open all those boxes and run your fingers on all that fabric. I hadn’t heard from you as to whether you had received the pictures I had sent. Those blocks that don’t seem to belong anywhere would be helpful to our Single Mothers Project. I liked the nine-patch ones especially. I don’t think I’ve seen you get shirt fabric before. How fun. Praying for your you and especially your health.
    Paula James

  8. Marsha from Kansas

    What a fun post! I enjoy seeing all the “old” fabrics (many I measured off many yards off the bolts when I worked at Cloth World for 7 years) as well as new ones. I like the idea of keeping a box handy to put things in as I find them and mailing it to you when it gets full. My kids will love that idea, too! :) Wow – 44 sleepers! They are so cute, too! Many Moms with their babies will be so blessed to receive those. Thanks for your posts. Prayers for your health.

  9. Jo, I am on the road until the beginning of next month, but feel free to send me anything that needs to be put together or finished. I haven’t done any quilting really since we are traveling, I am itching to get started again.

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