In the Mail…

It’s a mail day here!!  Let me rephrase.  It’s a BUSY mail day here.

First up and I can’t remember if I told you about this package.  It came from New York State.

Check out the fun Mayo’s.  I’m a mayo fan for sure so these have been fun!!

There were other goodies too.

This was package together with a note on it for Kayla.  I gave this to her and she was happy to have it.

You can’t tell from the photo but the piece below is beaded.  It’s so pretty.

Sally in OR sent the next box…

I saved the little Prairie Schooler snowman and hope to stitch him and make it into a pillow for my dough bowl this winter.  It’s tiny and shouldn’t take long to stitch.

There were lots of things.  Sally slipped a note inside that said to keep anything if I wanted it.  THANKS…that’s awesome.

There were lots of fabrics.  I saved out the piece in the upper left-hand corner thinking if I make a cross-stitch pillow that it would be a good backing.

I kept the brown pieces thinking the same thing.  So many pretty fabrics!!

There were patterns in the mix too.  I pulled a few of them and plan to look them over for consideration.  Do you see the long stitched piece in the upper left.  I had really wanted to make that back when the pattern first came out.  There was a fabric that would make the perfect background for it too.  I just might make that as I still like it.

Some tops were included in the box.  This was a large top.  The inside was done with an embroidery machine…so neat.  I’ve never seen one like it.

This floral heart was fun.  It is small so I think I will pass that on with the hope that someone will add a border to it and make it baby quilt sized.

This one had me speechless.  Holy WOW!  This is all appliqued.

Isn’t it gorgeous??

The applique is perfect.  I just had to look more closely at this.

From what I can see, I think it is blind hemmed with invisible thread.  What a wonderful top.

I plan to send this to LaNan.  She works to put quilts together for a quilt auction that supports a bible camp for kids.  LaNan has finished quilt tops before that I’ve sent her way and some bring over $1000.  This one would be a great candidate for that.

Here was a Thimbleberries kit.  I think this will go on the postage auction.

Sally sent the next box.  She too said to keep anything I wanted.

That made me happy as this cross-stitch pattern was on top…

She suggested a DMC color to stitch it with but I think I might want to stitch it all in red…Hmm.  We’ll see.

There were other goodies included too.

Check out all of the patterns.

This one was interesting to me…

There were several fabric included.

I pulled three of the blues and put them in with my Hawaiian Sunset Quilt.  I needed a few more blues like these.  PERFECT.  Thanks so much.

There were more fun fabric too.

The next package came from Nancy.

Check out the pretty card.

There were lacing cards too…I thought they were vintage but they are not.  They are made by Moda.  These are going in my sewing room and I’ll get them out if grandkids are here and we’re upstairs.

Check out these fun-fun prints.

I decided that I would take a picture of the selvages as I’m sure someone is going to want to know how to search for them.

Aren’t they so cute?

I just love every one.

These would make great pillowcases or backings for kids’ quilts.  So fun!

Here were even more fabrics.

The next box came from Virginia.  What a fun box.  Check out this big teacher book.  I’ve been paging through it and getting inspired.  I love it!  The rest of the box is filled with stickers and stationary-type products.  SO FUN!

Betty sent the next box.  I had gotten an email or comment from her.  Now I can’t remember which that said she had ordered flannel fabric from Joann’s and was sending it my way.  She said it was coming in two shipments so I watched for it to come…

All of the prints are so precious.  I bet she had fun shopping for these flannels.

It means so much to my friend Lana and me that you all are so great at sending goodies our way for the baby care kits.  We are so blessed to have your support.  I already sent these off to Lana.  I’m sure she’s working her magic and putting kits together.

The last package came from Cathy in Texas.  She sent a top that I am passing on to Lori.  It might need a border to bring it up to the size that Lori prefers but maybe not.

Many and much thanks to everyone who sent goodies my way.  You all are so sweet.  The community quilt project and baby care project would not be nearly as far without the great work you do!!  THANKS!!

12 thoughts on “In the Mail…”

  1. Beautiful packages. I remember the lace up cards from when I was growing up. They were so much fun to “sew” & undo over & over again! I have a question. My husband wears a hardhat at work & he wears a ‘doo rag’ under his hardhat. I would like to sew some of them for him because they wear out quickly. Do you know of a pattern for them? Have a good day.

  2. Great items from so many. Many hours of work to be completed is represented here. Hope all have fun with whatever they receive to work with. That snowman will be a cute pillow for your dough bowl.

  3. Went to a church rummage sale about two weeks ago and didn’t really see anything good UNTIL I checked out a box of patterns under the table. I think I may have squealed (and I know I grabbed and ran to the check out with the 12 Lizzy and Kate patterns I scored for a quarter apiece. Another pattern had the fabric, thread and needle, along with Santa buttons and it was more than 75% complete. I am more into snowmen so passed that kit on.

  4. Found 12 Lizzy and Kate snowmen patterns at a church rummage sale for a quarter apiece as well as a Santa one complete with fabric, thread, needle and Santa buttons that was about 75% complete.

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