In the Mail…

It’s a mail call day!!

I had quite a few packages.  Maxine sent me the wooden spoons that come with ice cream.  I have an idea for a kids’ craft with these.  Thanks, Maxine.

The next box came from Laurie in Ohio.  She is lucky enough to have a Goodwill outlet near her and she found some goodies to send my way.

Check it out…

Lots of wonderful yarn.  I was going to pass this on to Kayla but the box came the same day the Cresco ladies dropped off some quilt tops.  Kayla doesn’t knit and crochet as much as she used to now that Jasper is here and she’s busy doing website work.  The Cresco ladies thought one of the ladies they quilt with would be happy to use it.  It makes me happy passing goodies onto them.

The ladies also took these goodies.  They love getting UFO and orphan blocks.  It makes for a quick quilt!!

These goodies were perfect for the kiddos.  The matching game on the left will be a big hit with Carver. He has the book that the game is based on and the book has long been one of his favorites.  I am going to pass the stickers on to Kelli for Georgia.  She loves “doing stickers” when Kelli is doing her Happy Planner stuff.

Do you all remember playing paper dolls?  Well, the dolls in the bag are a “magnetic version” of paper dolls.  I love them!!

Of course, a fireman book is perfect for our house!!  Laurie also sent money I am putting in the postage fund for charity quilting.  Laurie said I could use it for a coffee but right now the postage fund needs the money more than I need a coffee.  In fact, I’m holding an auction here on the blog right now hoping to raise money for the postage fund.  You can find that HERE.

Thank you so much for thinking of us!  I so appreciate it, Laurie.

The next box came from Sue B.  She sent a box of linen hoping I could use it for cross-stitching.  I think the linen she sent is more of fabric linen than cross-stitching linen.  The weave is different for cross-stitching.  I’m going to talk to Kelli about it and see what she thinks.

It’s totally okay though.  I was going to make some pincushions and wanted linen for the backing.  At the time I have looked from some and couldn’t find any.  Well, now I have it.  Now if only I can remember exactly what it was that I was trying to do!!

Sue also sent money for the postage fund.  I so appreciate it.  Just an FYI:  For the month of September, the postage bill for shipping charity quilt projects sent out was $348.  I shipped out more than I normally do so this was a little higher than normal, but it’s typically around $250.  It’s awesome that so many of you help with the expense of it.

Thanks so much for all the packages.  I appreciate that you thought of me!!  You make getting the mail fun.

2 thoughts on “In the Mail…”

  1. Thanks for the goodies, Jo. We have already turned the log cabin squares into 2 quilits, the yarn has gone to a person who knits baby outfits for newborns leaving the hospital. Sandy Moore

  2. Bonnie Lippincott

    I love your “mail call” emails. Always so much fun to see what others send you.

    Just a thought, The Pink Shoelaces, which I love, too, has a “buy me a Coffee” button. What a great idea, and I have sent money to her. Why don’t you do that for your blog to make it easy to send you postage money. I would be more inclined, I never remember to send you a check or actual money.

    Keep up what you are doing, I love your blog!

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