In the Mail….

There were about 6 hours of the day that I was caught up on the mail….6 hours.  That is pretty darn good for me.

But the mail lady came and here I am with more mail.  It’s definitely a good problem to have.

Can you imagine 4 boxes all in one day???  Well, Peggy was apparently cleaning out her sewing room and gifted things my way.   All four boxes were from Peggy!!

As you can see, they weren’t little boxes either!!

Are you ready to see what’s in box number one?

Here it is all laid out….

There were lots of bits and bobs that were leftover from projects.  I package those up and will send them to the Cresco ladies.

I think this may have been intended to be schoolhouse blocks but I’m not sure.

Check out this tiny little basket blocks.  So cute.  There was no pattern included so I can’t tell you what it was.

There were many of these blocks….

…and a stack of fabric.

I pulled the fabric and will add many of them to my Hawaiian Sunset quilt.

The next box was just as fun and the first.

All of these fabrics seemed to coordinate.

I looked closer at the note.  It read, “From Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites.  Scarlett Begonia”…YAHOO!!

I was pretty sure I had the book…and pretty sure I’d love a chance to finish this and donate it to one of the charity auction that happens in our area.  The event raises money and then gives it to families who have medical issues and need help.  It’s a wonderful cause.  The family of one of my childcare families is in charge of it.  They will love to get this quilt next August!!

Check out all of the patterns!!  I’ll be checking these out….even Country Threads’ patterns are in the mix.

There were more goodies….

Check out this cute wall hanging.

..and another….

This was a UFO.  It’s an Open Gate quilt….Much of it is almost done.

“WOW, what great projects” went through my mind time and time again as I opened and sorted through these boxes.

Here are the contents of box #4.

Ow…these are great….

It looks like they were likely made from a fabric line.  There are lots of completed blocks.

Spool blocks….they look great too.

This looks like it was a leftover from a project.

Orphan blocks…these will go in the box for the Cresco ladies.

BUT WAIT!  There is more!!


…and a precious quilt top.

Check out that fun print in the center of the blocks.

There was this project too.  Seriously, it’s almost finished!!

WOW…Can you say a lot of goodies?  Just WOW!!

I ended up contacting LaNan.  She has finished several UFOs in the past and then donated them on to fundraisers for an awesome bible camp her church supports.  I asked her if she was interested in some UFOs.   She was and was excited that I contacted her.  She had recently been notified that the camp was holding another benefit auction in October and she felt bad she didn’t have anything to donate.  I ended up getting these in the mail and she’s hoping to get something finished.  I ended up sending the finished tops to thinking if they could get to a longarmer, she’d have them to donate if she didn’t have time to get to a quilt.

So, Peggy…your donation is already bringing first me and now LaNan.  The fun thing is, the quilt goodies will continue to bring more joy all along their journey.  Thank you so much for thinking of us.’ll never believe…more mail has come in.  If you don’t see your mail post right away, know that I have a little backlog again…

19 thoughts on “In the Mail….”

  1. Again, how generous of someone, Peggy this time. Such beautiful quilts or pieces of quilts. How fun to receive all these treasures and to know they will get to the right people/person to finish and to be donated.

  2. Oh what awesome mail you received! I wish I had seen that last top, with the house blocks and log cabin blocks. My nephew and his family lost their log home and everything in one of the Oregon fires. They are staying with a daughter until they can start cleanup and rebuilding. That top would have made a perfect quilt for them. I am making a quilt for each member of the family as they had nothing but the clothes on their backs when they had to suddenly evacuate. They did take their purses and pets, but that’s all. Heart breaking as their log house had been built by his father-in-law who has since passed away.

    I will try to make a log cabin quilt for his wife, in memory of their log house. I haven’t made one of those yet. lol..

  3. Oh Jo!! What a wonderful mail delivery!! Quilters have such big hearts. What fun you must have had going through all that. I hope they all go to great homes who will really appreciate them

  4. Does anyone know the name of the pattern for the last quilt top pictured – the one with the house blocks?
    How very generous of Peggy to send you all the goodies. As usual, you will put them to good use.

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! Really beautiful projects. Love that last quilt! Rhubarb and Radishes and Prairie Path patterns look interesting. How fun!

  6. Oh my how Blessed you are! It’s awesome to have friends who share you’re same heart. Some one was very busy creating- I can’t believe all the beautiful blocks- and yes those last few quilts were very very nice.

  7. For Connie, I have made 2 of the quilts you asked about. The pattern is Housewarming, a calendar quilt in Better Homes and Garden Patchwork & Quilting. It is September 2009. Good luck.

  8. Jo – I just ordered Azure Skies quilt kit from Quilted Twins, but I do not have the pattern. Do you know where I can get it. (since I’m thinking the December American Quilting magazine is no longer on store shelves).

    Nita Marsyla

    1. Nita, the quilt was just released on October 2nd in American Patchwork and Quilting. I’m sure you’d be able to find it on the newsstand.

  9. Kristy Wilkinson

    Jo, Could you possibly find out the name of the last quilt top pattern? Please? I have some school house blocks finished and want to find something to put with them. This is a gorgeous top! What wonderful things you went through in those boxes and were able to find people use those items. You truly are a gift to us all! You do amazing things every day. Just thought someone other than your kids needed to tell you that! :-) K-

  10. If anyone knows the name of the pattern for the blocks from Box #4, the ones possibly made from a fabric line and pictured above the Spool blocks, I would love to know. Thanks for any help. BTW Peggy you have a wonderful eye for fabrics and I hope to one day make beautiful blocks as well done as the ones you sent to Jo. I guess I could have asked you about the name of the pattern but it looks like your either busy sorting fabrics or sewing away. Thanks for sharing your skills with others.

  11. Judith Fairchild

    Yummy fabrics, finished quilt blocks and tops!! Thanks again for sharing and caring Jo. Thank you Peggy for making my day happier.

  12. Betty Back – Thanks for the tip on the Housewarming quilt. I think I have that magazine copy. I appreciate you taking the time to answer. Happy quilting!

  13. What wonderful mail and wow, so many great quilt tops. All of those blocks were lovely to see and its wonderful that you knew who to send them to. I bet her sewing space feels lighter with all those goodies moved on.

  14. Jeri, the blocks above the spool blocks look like the Greek Square or Greek Cross pattern. Number 1646b in Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia. Just a Churn Dash with a different coloration.

    1. Thanks so much Dot! It’s funny that it’s a Churn Dash as that’s a block that I want to make. I guess that’s why I liked it so much. ☺

  15. Jo, thanks so much for the info on the pattern for Azure Skies. For some reason, I kept thinking it was in the Dec 2019 issue. Duh!

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