In the Kitchen with Buck: Marry Me, Rasta Lasagna

My son Buck has been great about filling in some blog posts for me while I’m not feeling the best. I so appreciate it and I hope you enjoy it.

He writes:
Yes, the title sounds strange, but we’ll get there. I’ve always been the cook in whatever house I find myself in. Whether, it’s back home with grandma Jo, a friends barbecue, or my girlfriend’s Thanksgiving, I’ve always found some sort of peace just having a task while the chaos of 15-20 people swirl all around. I’ve always cooked, but I’ve never been a hamburger helper type person. I remember my friends in total disbelief when I told them I’ve never had hamburger helper before at 21 years old. There’s the obvious “meat and potatoes” meals I love, but if I’m MAKING a dish my best would come down to the following 3; Lasagna, Rasta Pasta, and Marry me Chicken. With the afternoon off, I thought, why not combine the best of my best dishes into one and make Marry me Rasta Lasagna?

So here goes: (hypothetically) Chop about a pound and a half of whatever chicken you prefer into slightly smaller than bite-sized pieces. Boneless skinless thighs were on sale for me. Normally, I go for larger cuts to save a couple dollars per pound. A little bit of knife work is worth it. Combine with 2 tBsp jerk seasoning (I was out so I substituted blackened seasoning and red chili flakes) cook thoroughly and set aside.

Next finely chop the following: 2 bell peppers of your liking, 1 tBsp garlic, 1 red onion, and 2 small (or 1 medium) tomato. Cook until onions are translucent.

Turn down the heat and add 16oz HEAVY whipping cream, do not use half and half.

Stir continuously until simmering then add 5oz parmesan cheese to thicken and set aside.

In salt water add 14-16 lasagna noodles and cook until al dente.

And set aside, in another bowl (yes this is a lot of bowls but hang in there with me) add 8 oz of spinach 2 eggs (I have no idea why the 2 eggs) and……wait a minute….15oz of ricotta cheese? When did a pound of cheese suddenly become 15oz?

At this point, you should have a pan of noodles, a pan of chicken vegetables and cream, and a bowl of spinach eggs and ricotta. In a DEEP casserole dish begin layering starting with the lasagna noodles.

I always try to end with a little bit of sauce left over for the top and then top with mozzarella cheese and plenty of parsley.

Cook covered for 50 minutes at 350 then uncovered until the cheese slightly crisped.

Oh. My. Word. Doesn’t that look DELICIOUS!!! It has all of the things I would totally love to eat. I’m doing to have to try to talk Buck into making this when he’s home next time. It looks like a dish everyone here (except the kiddos) would really love…but you know, the kiddos might love it too!

Let us know if you give the recipe a try. I think it’s so fun that he took the best of several recipes he loves and morphed them into one!

21 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with Buck: Marry Me, Rasta Lasagna”

  1. Mary Ann Mettler

    Wow – that sounds really good – can’t go wrong with cream – I predict the kids will love it as much as the adults!!

  2. For lasagna, the eggs in the cheese mixture acts as a binder to hold the cheese mixture. Otherwise the cheese may become too watery and affect the texture of the noodle. It also adds a richness to the cheese mix.
    It looks wonderful and something I will try to make… perhaps with some wild mushrooms in the cheese layer.

  3. Oh my that sounds so delicious! I think Buck takes after his mother – a good and creative cook! I might change out the lasagna noodles for a different noodle. I have gotten so I am not so fond of them, but otherwise yummy stuff!

  4. Bonnie in SE CT

    I thought he was cooking dinner to propose to his girlfriend! Working on second wedding quilt in 2 months, guess it gave me the idea! Ha! The recipe sounds yummy!

  5. That looks absolutely delicious. Do you/Buck have any idea how many servings it makes? It looks like a LOT of food.

  6. Wow – Buck, it looks delicious! Thanks for filling in for your mom.
    It looks like there will be plenty of leftovers! and I know our grand kids would love it – so maybe no leftovers!
    Will be saving this recipe – thank you again!
    Love and prayers

  7. It’s 9am, I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and I wasn’t hungry at all – until I read this post and looked at the photos. Now I’m starved. lol

  8. Sounds like another great recipe and I love that I can make this ahead, freeze and have on hand for a spontaneous gathering. Thanks for sharing.

  9. The no-bake style lasagna noodles might save a step, and a pot. The noodles always cook perfectly in my daughter’s lasagna. Your finished product looks absolutely delicious and certainly looks like it could feed a crowd. We would add a salad and breadsticks to round it out. At our house a crowd always gets a fun dessert too.
    Buck, please keep the recipes coming. Thanks for sharing and helping your mom.

  10. Sounds delish. And looks delish too. You sound as inventive as your Momma. And I know what you mean about the kitchen being a place of peace with lots of other people around. It’s my safe place too…

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