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I love spring…but…it takes me away from quilting.  This year, it might take me FAR away from quilting.  Yesterday I hoed all of the tomatoes, peppers, cabbages, onions, garlic, egg plants, and potatoes.  That may not sound like a lot but in my garden, that’s over an hour of work.


Here’s part of the garden.  It’s not full and lush…we had a late spring here and everything is behind including me.  We have 65 tomatoes, 50+ cabbages and a whole lot of everything else.  After planting I realized we did have enough room for sweet corn or squash or my sweet potatoes.  I whined…and whined…and whined…and then compromised a bit and hubby finally gave in and I’m getting more garden space.

I used to be a big time flower gardener and not so much a veggie gardener, then I realized that vegetable gardens can be just as beautiful as flower gardens so why not plant something I can get a little more from.

I still have a flower garden.  It is MUCH smaller.  It only takes about a tenth of what it used to be.  It’s just on the corner of the vegetable garden.


I spent quite a bit of time re-edging it.  The grass continually tries to sneak in so I keep taking more grass out….it’s a bit of a border war.  Currently I am winning!!

All of this wouldn’t be possible if not for this product.


I absolutely, possitively love the stuff.  Here’s how it works, after my plants are up and growing, I hoe the garden.  Then sprinkle this stuff around the plants and there are considerably less weeds that grow in that area.  I know, I know…it’s not organic and all that.  But, it’s what works for me and allows me to have a garden and I am good with it.  You need to be careful with where you are putting it especially if you are a gardener that plants more than one crop in the same area.   Preen doesn’t allow seeds to grow.  That means your next crop of veggies won’t germinate.   The large container shown in the photo has lasted me about 2.5 years.  Mine just ran out so the next time I am at Wal-mart, you can bet that I’ll be purchasing another container.

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  1. We used to have a garden like yours when we lived in IN. Almost the same size. Love it – fresh veggies! Yum! Now we settle for tomatoes and green peppers potted plants (not allowed to grow them in our yards). Next year we’ll add herbs.
    Thanks for sharing my pics on the trivet – Enjoyed making it and will have a few more done while traveling on vacation! And thank you for sharing your pattern!

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