In the Garage

Slowly, I’ve been stripping the big white cupboard that we bought…Do you remember it??

We want it in the kitchen when we move.  Slowly with a little help from Craig, I’ve been working on it.  So far I have both of the potato bins done.  The bottom door and the drawer is done.  I have one upper door done.

I have the white paint off the entire thing but still have to sand down and work on the  two of the upper door and the cabinet itself.  My plan was to try to have it finished my October first…I need to keep at it if that is going to happen..but I think I can.

Then today I looked at the calendar and realized that there are only 8 days left in the how did that happen?  I guess I better make a plan if this is actually going to happen.  Watch for another post again that will show my progress.  Knowing I have to post a picture will keep me motivated.

4 thoughts on “In the Garage”

  1. I liked the white a lot so I’m interested to see what you have planned for it. I like painted furniture but that’s just me. As long as it’s not lead paint so you should check it out if it’s really old. If it’s lead you shouldn’t be sanding it. Just a thought to keep you healthy!!

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