In the Garage Update

While I’ve been busy getting quilts ready to be sent out, Hubby has been really busy in the garage.

You might remember some time ago back when we were working on the house- Hubby and I, along with Craig and Karl, went up to Chester, Iowa and pulled the woodwork out of a house that was going to be demolished.  It was a hot and sticky day. You can find that story here.  Well now Hubby is busy with that wood.

We’ve made good use of so much of that haul.  We’ve used and installed all of the doors.  We put the attic trap door in and put the built in dresser in my closet.  The thing we haven’t used yet..the woodwork.

Hubby wants the kitchen woodwork done before spring planting.  Well, with this being mid February already, the push to finish it up is even stronger.


He has spent hours and hours and hours in the garage….sanding, staining and then varnishing.  He’s working so hard at it.
The trim is a little lighter than we had hoped.  It’s so hard, each piece of wood and each house full of wood has it’s own unique coloring no matter the color of stain put on it.  He’s going a good job.  He does good with fixing and repairing…amazing actually.  Long ago, at our house it was me that did most of the stripping and refinishing, now it’s him.  I don’t mind doing a piece or two or helping all the time but he hasn’t asked and seems to have a good system down…so I’ve opted to stay sewing.

For a long time in our lives I was so scared to death to retire.  Hubby had no hobby and no push to find one.  I was scared he’d be bored to death in retirement.  I am still thinking he won’t love retirement but at least he’ll have a hobby.  If we can find fun pieces that that buffet we found last week, we’ll be able to afford his hobby too.


He’s got a big stack all ready to go….

Sadly there’s a big stack that needs attention yet too.  I have no doubt he’ll get it done though.

Someone had laughed thinking we were crazy to not have our woodwork finished yet and that we didn’t just have someone make it and install it for us.  There are several reasons we didn’t…cost, the love of renewing, the love of hobby and more than all of those, the pride in having a part in the making of our home.  Nothing makes Hubby, or me for that matter, happier than telling the story of our home because it’s the story of us…where we’ve been, what we’ve done to build what we have both physically and emotionally.  We love our story and this woodwork is representative of that story.  It is just another chapter in the story of us…

I’ll keep you posted to see if he can make his March 1st deadline…I’m hoping he can!

3 thoughts on “In the Garage Update”

  1. Patience is almost a lost virtue. Everything must be instant. There is gratification on working on something and seeing it through to the end, even if it takes longer than expected. Winter is the time when long projects can be fulfilled. Congratulations on being a couple that works together and builds something together, most of all a loving relationship. Your respect for your hubby comes through whenever you post about him. Lucky couple!

  2. I’m sure there are tons of items that could be purchased at garage or estate sales, spruced up and refinished, and even sold at a profit. Plus you have a great Web site where hubby can advertise what is available. Looking forward to it already. :>)

  3. I have a question for your hubby——–is that a garage heater in the picture of hubby working on the woodwork? If so, can you tell me what kind, is it gas, oil, electric, does it have to be vented, does it keep the work area warm? And any other information he thinks someone would need to know. Did he install it or was it in the garage when you bought the house? I’ve been trying to find some type of heater for our workshop which is in the basement of the house so my hubby can work in the winter months. Thank you!

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