In the Garage: That Cupboard

You might remember a week or so ago I told you that I wanted to have my big white cupboard stripped by October 1st…

Want to see my progress???


The cupboard is on it’s side right now.  It was about the only way I could work on the top and bottom.  I have the topside here left to do-It’s all stripped.  I just need to do the sanding.  An hour or two and it will be all ready to go.

As far as the bins, drawer and doors…I’m doing pretty good.  I have the backs of the three upper doors to strip the paint of.  Then sanding…I’d like to say just an hour or so but that is completely not true.


These door have a green paint underneath the white paint.  The green paint is a booger.  After working with it and talking about it, Hubby and I think it must be some type of old milk paint.  It just doesn’t respond like regular paint at all!!


I have to admit that I didn’t get as far along as I had hoped but I am doing pretty darn good.  I’m in striking distance that’s for sure.  Hubby helped me for a little bit last night…Maybe if it rains and he can’t farm, he’ll help me again tonight.

I missed my October 1st goal.  I am making my new goal October 6th.  I’ll report back next week.  Oh I hope I can make that goal!!

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