In the Garage: GARGE SALE

Well on our way home from Clear Lake from Antiques in the Park we decided to have a garage sale.  We call the kids and they were all in.  So it’s this weekend.  We are holding it from 4-8 on Friday and 8-2 on Saturday.

Sunday we spent the day getting ready.  Hubby and I both have busy schedules this upcoming week so we wanted to get as much as we could done.  Buck came home and brought his stuff so he helped get the tables and everything set up too.  It was great to have the help and great to visit.

This is our last sale of the year…everything that doesn’t get sold is moving on to either the thrift store or into storage.  I’m hoping it all goes as I hate packing things up and moving them.  Things have been repriced to hopefully move on out.  We don’t have lots of storage space to winter things over so we have no choice….what’s a girl to do?  Come get a deal.

Here’s how the garage is looking…..FULL OF STUFF!!


These tables are all ready for Kalissa, Kelli and Kayla’s things.  I know there is a flood of clothes coming.  Kelli has been sorting and getting rid of LOTS of stuff!!


Here’s some closer pictures.


The stuff is stacked HIGH!


Honestly, it’s loaded with tables and things and things and things….and it doesn’t all fit in the garage either!!  This is outside the house.  Oh my!!!

It’s going to be a busy, busy sale!

If you’re in the area the hours are Friday 4-8 and Saturday 8-2.  So if you’re looking for me, this is where I’ll be this week…in the garage getting ready for sale day!!

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