In the Garage

Hubby has been in the garage.  He’s still trying to clean out some of the projects that have been lingering in there.

This was a table I bought at an auction back in June.

It was VERY primitive.  I paid $1 for it.

Hubby and I have been debating and debating what to do with it.  The table wasn’t very tall so we couldn’t figure out how best to repurpose or fix it.  That’s why it sat so long.

The other day Hubby suggested that we cut the legs off and make it into a coffee table.  I loved the idea.  He also built a new top for it.  Here’s how far along he is…

Right not the plan is to chalk paint the bottom a white…of course I’ll wax it and rough it up.  The top will stay the gray paint color it is and he plans to put several coats of varnish over the top.

We managed to not lose the drawer handle so he fixed that.  
Hubby thinks the legs are the best with how chunky the table is but I love it and think it looks cute.

Next up he’s going to varnish…and then I’ll paint once he’s done.  I love working on projects with him.

I also love when we take something that was a $1 table and turn it into a cute piece of furniture.

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  1. It will be nice and sturdy, and there won’t be a shelf at the bottom of the legs to bump into your feet as you sit down in front of it. Nice job!

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