In the Garage…

You might remember that I did a big overhaul of my sewing room.  Hubby started in August trying to do the same thing in the garage with his stuff.  Of course harvest slowed him up but since Christmas time, he’s been working at it a lot more.

I know to all of you, this might look bad, but trust me, it’s way better.  He built the drawer cabinet that you see on the wall behind him.  He’s sorted and sorted and sorted junk.

One thing that gets in his way….ME!

Here he’s working on a glass claw foot piano I want it for a night stand of sorts for the north bedroom.  I need something to put a lamp on and a phone charger on.  This will do.  He got it one time when he was out junking.  It’s actually really pretty.

Here’s another thing I dumped on him….I have two of these chairs that we use at the table for Carver to sit on.  They are higher than a regular chair and have a back so I like them for kids.  I got them at different auctions but they match.  Odd…right?
One had a cracked support that needed to be reglued.  The other needed to be reglued but in a different spot.

His goal has been to make this table and put his planer there.  He’s hoping to get back at refinishing more of the woodwork in the house.  I bought the planer for him at an auction.

The big garage resort has been in an effort to find this a spot to set at.  He cleaned out and built the table…and the wood storage section underneath.  I’m happy for him that he got this far.  There’s more to go but the progress is actually good.

5 thoughts on “In the Garage…”

  1. How nice for him to have such a large space to work in. I love that piano stool! And btw, kudos to you for being such a great re-purposer! Stay warm and safe today. I thought I saw that your part of the country is cold and snowy like my part.

  2. I am blessed with a very handy hubby also. Aren’t we lucky?
    My husband bought hangers for the garage ceiling. They work on a pulley system. He
    hangs ladders, bikes etc with them. They are a big help in having more room for his work bench.

    I have the same youth chair. It was mine as a child. Yours are the first I have seen like it.

  3. I’ve never had a hubby, but both my mom and dad were handy at fixing things. I learned a lot from them. It has saved me a lot of money over the years. Thanks for sharing.

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