In the Garage: Microwave Cabinet

**Before I tell you about today’s post you might want to know that Material Magic, the quilt shop in New Hampton is closing it’s doors on the 17th-next Monday.  All fabric is not $5 a yard.  If you don’t have anything to do this week, you might want to check it out.**

Now on to today’s post:
You might remember that this piece is destine to become a place to house my microwave.  Hubby and I got it at an estate sale earlier this spring.  For the price of $10, it was all ours!  It’s beat up bad and pretty primitive…but it’s the perfect size for my microwave to sit on and give me extra storage…to make a piece of usable furniture is exactly our intention.


I had started sanding the drawers while Hubby  was planting corn but that’s as far as I got.  I needed space and help to get it lifted to a workable spot but he had his things going on in the garage and it just never happened.  Fast forward to now, the corn is in and he wants it finished and out of the garage so he started working on it.

It was VERY shaky and wobbly.  The first thing he did was to take some old boards and built a bottom in it.  These were old boards from our flooring installation.


Then he built a base for it to sit on.  Previous to this, it sat directly on the floor.  That means if it was in my kitchen the doors could potentially scrape the floor as I opened them.  Not anymore.


There wasn’t a back on it.  We wanted a back as it will make it more sturdy and that would help and make it more of a usable piece if we ever wanted to put it somewhere else.  He’s using old materials we salvaged from our house when we remodeled.  I love that it will have a wainscoting back.


I snapped the above picture without him knowing.  He scoffed and told me this was nothing to blog about.  I told him- not true.  He said this was just a piece of junk and I reminded him that we always end up loving what he does and all women like a “cinderella story”.  I also told him there are lots of women readers who would love it if there husband was as talented….he of course grumbled and said okay….. he’s so humble.

Anyway…now the debate is on….this piece is really very primitive.  Here’s how it looks now…..The woods aren’t going to match so we’re contemplating painting the cabinet but staining the drawer and door fronts.


Any opinions?

I know if I do chalk paint it will be to match the kitchen island…this is cream Annie Sloan paint with dark wax…with some pieces stained.  The microwave goes on the small wall to the right in the picture.


I’m so glad that this one is making progress.  I do feel a little bad that we drag some of this “junk” home and it’s in his way so he can’t work on other things that he wants to work on.  Alas, it’s part of a “junker’s” life I guess.  There’s always a project, or two, that need attention…and always more coming in.

It’s good that there’s still more to do on this…that leaves me a little time to debate and take in opinions before I have to decide on how to paint or refinish it.


25 thoughts on “In the Garage: Microwave Cabinet”

  1. Have it “match” the kitchen island! Love all the things that your hubby is capable of doing.

    Jo, Linda Castillo has a new book out. I know you like her books so I thought I’d let you know in case you hadn’t heard. Don’t remember the title but I’m sure you can google and find it out.

  2. I agree with the idea to have it match the kitchen island. And yes jo, tell hubby that I am so jealous you have such a handy husband!!

  3. I love Before and After Cinderella stories! He put a toe kick space at the bottom of that cabinet!! He is so smart! Your kitchen looks so friendly. Either match the cabinets or match the island – it will look good no matter what. Or paint it red!

  4. I am no decorator or matchymatchy girl……On this however, I would finish it to match something already there for some continuity and your paint is really beautiful. Since it’s apart from everything else, it will actually “pull” it into the kitchen.

  5. I was leaning towards scraping all paint, then keep it all wood. But the idea of red! Oh my, I really like that idea. Red like the counters! Gives the piece a real personality, even though it has the meager task of holding a microwave! Because it is against the wall, it won’t compete with others.

  6. I would love it if my husband were handy and into woodworking. I grew up with a father and grandfather who were always building something. Or could fix anything, I miss that. He should by proud that he has such a great talent and loves doing it. Please pet Ruby for me.
    ;-> Toni Anne

  7. You seem to have the outside all figured out. It is the inside that I am weighing in on now. Paint it high gloss white….. so it is easy to clean and looks sharp…..

  8. Colleen C. Yarnell

    My mom says my dad has ruined me for men as I cant find one to measure up!. He is just like your guy. Despite being a quality control engineer in the turbine business he is the best handy guy I know. Even with physical restrictions he rebuilds decks and uses solid wood salvaged from university libraries to make a replica corner cabinet of my great great grandparents. You are lucky girl!

  9. Lorraine Bujnowski

    Your cabinet is going to be fabulous when finished. I agree with others that say coordinate it with the center island cabinet. I like your idea of a paint and stain mix.
    Of course, I am jealous of your husband’s woodworking skills. Wish my husband had more of that.

  10. Betty from Canada

    Love the cupboard. I think finish it to match something in your kitchen.Love the cabinets above and each side of your sink. I am still jealous of all your treasures you guys find.

  11. How about a red wainscoting back, then cream Annie Sloan paint for the front. It will tie in the colors of the island and the countertops as well. Paint the drawers and stain the door fronts and it will really blend. Or, paint the shelves red so they really mimic the countertops. Guess I’m not much help. :) Can’t wait to see what you decide. We all know it will be beautiful!

  12. Fun project! I would stain the top and new base. Chalk paint and wax the rest of the outside. Red might make a fun pop,on the inside, but a lot of extra work for something that stays closed!

  13. You have your many quilting projects going all at once. You and your hubby have the reclaiming projects going all at once. Does he personally have more than one project at a time? Mine can’t do that. He gets obsessed with getting it finished before doing ANY thing else. Once that happens, I won’t see him for hours and hours at a time. Sometimes, I even have to check the “barn” to make sure he is still home!

  14. I would have said refinish the top, and chalk paint the rest – however, I can see that the top is not one smooth piece of wood (there appears to be some wood splits on the top), so I vote for chalk paint inside and out. I think you might want the lighter chalk paint inside so it is easier to see what you have stored. A darker red might make it harder to see. Just my 2 cents…

  15. Great project!! So nice to have a hard-working handyman and woodworker around!! Be sure to hang onto him. I say make it match the other piece in the island, paint and stain. It will help tie all of your kitchen together, just like a quilt. By the way, your kitchen is huge!!! If you feel ambitious you could also paint your cupboards to match leaving the door and drawer fronts stained. This would look amazing.

  16. JO, tell your hubby that he is a very talented man (just like you are a very talented woman). My husband is all thumbs when it comes to wood working. The last project he/we tried resulted in a trip to the ER. Lost part of his thumb. My sons put the miter saw on the top shelf (about 8 feet off the floor) in the garage after that! No more wood working for us:)

  17. Yes, I am jealous. Jealous that your husband likes to do woodworking! Mine is super handy, but begrudgingly will cut me a chunk of wood or hammer a nail into the wall. Your cart will be awesome…paint it something bright and fun…it deserves it!
    *Because of your post today, we took a road trip to New Hampton to Material Magic! I told 2 of the sisters that you sent me and they said I was the second customer today that said that! I got some great deals, too, so thank you!

  18. I hadn’t even read some the posts and just looking at the picture I thought “red”. After reading I see I am not the only one with this thought. The top could be just the stained wood.
    Isn’t it wonderful to have a husband that loves working with his hands on special projects for the house and “indulges” you and your endeavors. Keep him happy and you will be happy.
    Love reading what you do with your “junk”.

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