In the Garage

Hubby isn’t letting any grass grow under his feet.

Remember me telling you about the goodies we got on the last junking expedition we went on…Well we bought a shelf/cupboard piece.  This….


He hasn’t liked the shelf he made for the laundry room.  He wanted something with closed doors that was neater so I suggested he revamp this piece and we could use it there.

Here’s the laundry room now….UGH.  Messy.  Try as I might, I can’t keep the shelves neat.  I bought baskets thinking that might help but it doesn’t.


The shelf we bought was too long and didn’t have doors…well, Hubby to the rescue.  See what he’s doing…The doors will be wainscoting…(He knows the way to my heart-I love it!)


You might remember last year we salvaged some stuff from an old house that was going to be torn down.  These doors were it.  He had to cut them down to size.


I am so proud of him and happy he enjoys projects like this.

On Father’s Day Kalissa stopped by and she said, “You know Mom, one of the best things you ever did for me was to pick a good Dad.”  I think she’s right because not only is he a good Dad, but he’s a great farmer, woodworker, friend, volunteer and husband too.  I think the world of him.

I am suspecting that in a day or so this will be ready for me paint…that’s one thing he doesn’t do.  That’s okay.  Sharing the work load is one of the many things that makes up a good team.

I’ll give you an update on this once it’s painted and hanging in the laundry room…by the way….cost on this project so far $5.

4 thoughts on “In the Garage”

  1. I see paper towel rolls! We use them and a nerf/soft type ball as a bowling set in our hall on rainy days. My grandson thinks it’s so fun to bowl in Mimi’s hall. Ten paper towel rolls and a ball is pretty cheap entertainment.

  2. I cant wait to see the new cabinet up and being used. Do you know what color you want to paint it? Such a great price and having a handy husband is “handy”, I know because I have one also.

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