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Hubby is always busy in the garage.  Like me, he loves to make something out of nothing.  Tinkering is his favorite.

Not too long ago I bought a beat up coffee table at the thrift store.  It was only $2 but I thought I’d risk in and bring it home to Hubby to see if he wanted a project to play with.  All the way home I thought he’d razz me for bringing “that piece of junk home”.  I kept second guessing the buy.  Could he fix it and if so, how?

I ended up showing it to him and he was happy with it.  He said “Of course I want it”.

It started out with this on the top of it….


It came with no drawer.

He took the top off and made a new primitive top.  We’ve debated about what we want to do with the top.  Varnish as is or sand it down.  At this point, we think he’ll varnish as is.  We love that rustic chipped paint look.  What do you think…leave it as is with varnish on the top?

Then he made a drawer.  The drawer front has the same blue painted wood as the top.  I love it.  He made the bottom of the drawer tin so that the drawer could be a little deeper.  As is the drawer would have only been about an 1″ or so deep.  Now it can for sure hold a remote or book.  Much nicer, don’t you think?table-2
Next up I am going to chalk paint the legs of the coffee table and make them looks a bit like the color of my kitchen island…the cream Annie Sloan chalk paint with the dark wax on it.

But then I debate that I might rather have it the graphite color of Annie Sloan chalk paint.


That would be more like this….
What do you think?  Cream or Graphite?

I think that’s going to look really nice.  He’s put some time into it but $2 for the end table…not after he get is fixed.  I’m a little afraid I might want to keep this one.

18 thoughts on “In the Garage”

  1. Graphite and hubby IS a great handy man. He does really good work. I always look when he is working on something. TALENT

  2. Love the graphite finish and I would do the top with a matte type varnish. Love what he did with the table!

  3. Too hard for me to decide on color. Honestly, I don’t think you could go wrong, either way! Great table! Love the idea for tin in the drawer!

  4. If you didn’t already love the top and drawer Hubby put on, I’d suggest cream legs and graphite for the top. If you were sure to keep it, I’d go with cream, as the graphite cabinets are kind of hidden but the kitchen island is out in the open. Either way, sounds good to me.

  5. Wow I think if I had seen that coffee table for 2 bucks I would of walked on by! It turned out great and I’m glad you saw its true potential. I think the graphite color would be nice.

  6. that is a great table, especially for $2.00. I like both colors. Why not combine the 2, doing the top in grey and the legs in cream. However you paint it, I know it will be great.

  7. I like the top as it is, so I would go ahead and varnish that or use linseed oil or whatever to preserve/protect that (and leave the drawer as is too). The legs I like as they are too….but if you really want to change them, I would lean towards a cream color. It’s a really neat table!

  8. I’d go with the cream, it really brightens up your kitchen. Your husband is so talented with fixing things up. My hubby wasn’t blessed with handyman abilities, but hand him any electrical tool (band-saw, grinder, etc) and it will be fixed lickety split. I think I’d rather him be more of a handyman than a tool repairman. Then I wouldn’t have to have my handyman on standby all the time lol. But I love the fact that he can help people out with their broken small electrical tools so they can continue with their work. He is wonderful too in that he doesn’t charge people for his work unless he has to purchase a part he doesn’t have in stock.

  9. I would be happy with either one. It would be hard to not keep this one. Both of you are certainly a team in what you do!

    Take care.


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