In Support of Doctors

Seriously…we do need a break when it comes to medical stuff.

The week after Jody’s funeral a nasty flu went through childcare, through the Friedman (Kalissa’s family) house and Kelli got it too.  Poor Gannon was on the tail end of getting it.  Then he got his shots..then he was teething…then he got ANOTHER ear infection…and then his face broke out like this….

Poor guy.  We thought it was an allergic reaction to his meds but it turns out the doctor said it was a virus.  Thankfully he wasn’t as crabby as he looks in the picture.  Through it all he’s been a trooper.

He goes back to the University of Iowa Clinic on Friday.  I’m hoping we might get a little closer to knowing what’s going on with his tummy.  I’ll keep you posted.

…and then there’s Craig….Friday they were chopping earlage.  Craig got off the chopper and twisted his ankle.  Immediately he knew it was bad so off to the doctor he went…and came home with this…

The x rays indicated ligament damage.  How extensive it is was up in the air.  With the swelling nothing could be done until possibly today after the do an MRI and get the results.

He was sent straight to the podiatrist and he even hinted at possible surgery.  UGH.

Being he couldn’t work, we went to Luna Valley Farm for pizza that night…thus the crutches you saw in last night’s blog post.

A big shout out to Grandma Debbie who really helped them out.  Gannon needed to be to the appointment but Craig couldn’t drive so Grandma Debbie, Craig’s mom, came to the rescue.  The kids are so lucky to have her!

This is not what Craig needs…and not what the farm needs.  With the terrible spring and now rainy fall, they guys have gotten little done.  Craig seems to think he’ll be working regardless of what happens with his ankle but me, I’m not quite as optimistic.  I am hoping for the best.

I’ll give you another “how we’re supporting the doctors report” when I know more.  Seriously, it’s time for our family to make it through at least a week without a trip to the doctor…dare I ever hope for a month??  It won’t be October..I can see that already.

8 thoughts on “In Support of Doctors”

  1. Oh My Gosh, you and your family are sure going through a a lot these days. Is Gannon on a medication. Once my great grand daughter got a rash from erythromycin. She can not take it ever as it is a allergic reaction to this drug. She was a baby then, but is 16 years old now. I hope that is not the case for your little guy. I hope all goes well for him and daddy. Hang in there, it will get better.

  2. As a friend says, “When it rains, it pours. Unless you need the rain.” Hope Craig ‘s situation is something that heals relatively quickly and the rest of you can get back to health soon.

  3. Gosh you guys can’t catch a break. Sure hope you get some answers on Gannon’s tummy issue. The worst is not knowing so you can’t have a plan or markers to know if it’s getting better. Hopefully, Craig will heal quick and the damage isn’t too bad.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  4. Wow, its been a crazy medical merry go round for your family. Hope it heals without surgery and he is able to help on the farm with harvest, its always a tough time to be short of help.

  5. Katherine Gourley

    I feel for you Jo. My entire life has been more medical appointments than free time. All summer it went on and on and now it is consuming autumn as well. Let’s see who gets a MONTH off first.

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