In Ray’s Mail….

I’m not the only one getting lots of mail, Ray is too!

Ray writes:
I got an email last week from Linda F. in Tucson, AZ. She said she had more quilt tops than she knew what to do with. Could I use them? Who am I to refuse a quilt top or two or????? She said she sent me two boxes. USPS delivered box 1 of 2 today. Looks like Friday for the second box. OMG!! It was a BIG box and was packed full. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are the pics. First is a pic of the yardage in the box. There were regular cotton fabrics, there were batiks and a stack of purple fat quarters. Yardage gets consumed big time as backs. I am definitely going to have to find a good pattern book that uses fat quarters as my stash of fat quarters is growing. Any suggestions?

*The first quilt is… a beautiful batik that is 46 x 65 and will make a great lap quilt. I have no idea as to the pattern but the colors are striking.

*Next is another batik in a rail fence pattern. It is big, 91 x 91. Won’t that look great on someone’s queen size bed?

*Next was another batik in light and dark browns. So very earthy. It is a very nice 16 patch. It is 60 x 68.

*I just love the next one. The bright. bold colors really bounce off of the black and white blocks. I have no idea on the pattern for this one either. It is 43 x 55.

*This one is for all you purple lovers. I believe the pattern is Jacob’s Ladder. Linda sent some extra pieces to make some more blocks if I wanted. Also the purple fat quarters would work. It is 48 x 65.

*I do not know the pattern on this one either but love all the bright batik fabrics in it. To me it says, Hello Florida!!. It is 58 x 70.

*The last one is another Jacob’s Ladder that is set in quarters. Each quarter is a different color. Each quarter uses four different, complementing batik fabrics. Gorgeous quilt. It measures 53 x 53.

Here is the second box that Ray received.  He writes:
“USPS delivered the second box from Linda F. in AZ. It was as big as the first box. I can not believe all the wonderful goodies she has sent my way. See the pictures attached. She included a variety of fabrics that will be useful for backing, binding, borders, and even piecing. Such a variety of colors. There was also a package of batting. And six more quilt tops.

* The first one is the same pattern as a top that was in the first box except this top does not have any borders on it.  Love all the batiks. Now comes the endless debate as to whether it should or should not have border(s) added. Linda did include more of the border fabric that I can use. What do you think?? It measures 48 x 60.

*The next quilt has a neat pattern to it. It alternates blocks with four patches. The four patch blocks are set to consistently have lights and darks in the same position. It does have an Irish chain look to it. Again beautiful batik fabrics. It measures 49 x 61.

*Then comes an HST quilt made of complimenting fabrics. Attention-grabbing to say the least. The points are amazing. Oh to someday be able to piece like that! It measures 48 x 57. There is also a large cut of the blue fabric included. Backing??

*Love this cute little sampler quilt. Such beautiful colors and fabrics. It measures 51 x 53.

*Next is a star quilt. Sorry, I do not know my stars well enough to say which variety it is. The stars are beautifully set off by the batiks. It is topped off with a double border…It measures 53 x 67.

*Last but not least is this friendship star quilt in gray, white, and yellow prints. Gorgeous!. It measures 48 x 60.

Thank you Linda for your generosity.”

WOWZA!!  Ray is going to be busy on these quilts.  Thanks so much for sending goodies his way Linda!!

14 thoughts on “In Ray’s Mail….”

  1. The Bricks and 4 patches are a Bonnie Hunter called Bricks and Stepping Stones.

    This deliver should keep Ray busy for 2 weeks ;-)

  2. All the quilts are beautiful!! I kept thinking as I saw each one, that it was my favorite – until I saw the next one. I even liked the last one – Friendship – although yellow is not my color. Great work Linda and Ray, can’t wait to see this after you have worked your magic!!

  3. Wow! Linda took good care of you Ray. Just sew those purple fat quarters together, and they can be a beautiful backing. Quilter’s generosity is amazing isn’t it.

  4. I think that the work did on all of those quilts was just beautiful, and so precise. Her HST blocks are absolutely perfect, and her color arrangements are gorgeous. You are so lucky, Ray, that she sent all of this fabric and the quilt tops to you, and I know you will do a beautiful job on all of them.

  5. Ray, get a beginners quilt book or go to a quiting friend and ask them to show you how to make what you want. A huge percentage of quilters jump at the chance to pass on their knowledge. Stop dreaming about it and do.

  6. Dianne L Holcombe

    You are welcome! I have let my stash get way ahead of me during Covid. My husband has agreed to help me when we get some suitable boxes. I love what you do, and I would like to have my hoarding disorder help someone else out! Stand by!

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