In Ray’s Mail and a Quilt Finish

I’m late in posting some things from Ray.  Thank heavens he is patient with me.  First off Ray got some mail.  Second, he finished a couple of quilts.

Ray writes:
I received a very nice package in the mail today from Patricia S. in Marion, LA. She emailed me earlier to see if I would like a couple more quilt tops to finish and donate. Of course I said yes and she sent me two today. She likes to make the tops but does not like to quilt them. She also likes for them to be donated. It is a win/win for all.

The first top is a 16 patch top that she set in a diagonal rainbow pattern. I love all the interesting fabrics she used to make the top. It is 48 x61 and will make a great lap quilt.

The second one has a 3D effect with the colors used. I can not imagine the number of string pieces she sewed together to make the top. It is 48 x 57 and will also make a great lap quilt.

Thanks again Jo for all the work you do to keep the process going and growing to generate

Ray got another box of mail…
He writes:
I got a box in the mail today from Julierose H. in CT. She is one of your blog readers and had some UFO’s that she sent me as well as a couple of tops. 

First is this jelly roll top. I think it is made from Kaffe Fassett fabrics and is so bright and cheery. It measures 55 x 64. Great lap quilt size.


Next is a smaller snowball quilt that is 37 x 45. Love all the scrappy fabrics in it.It will be great for Hospice for a wheelchair.

Next is a UFO that is all but complete. It is a 9 patch quilt that is sewn in 7 strips. I am thinking 6 quick seams and it is done. It should be about 39 x 45. It will also be great for Hospice for a wheelchair.

The next UFO is paper pieced and used up a lot of scraps and took hours to sew. It is now made up of 6 rows that need to be sewn together. This should also be a fairly quick finish. It will be about 37 x 73.

I am thinking a couple of 10 inch borders on the sides and it will make a nice Guardian Ad Litem quilt.


The last UFO is a group of 33 blocks. They all have a 16 patch block on point in the middle of the blocks. Lots of options with these. I think they will trim out around 13 ” squares.

Thank you Julierose.


Now for a finished quilt
Ray writes:
I just finished putting the finishing touches on this cute little charm square quilt from the Crewsco ladies.

It has some really neat and unusual fabrics in it. I especially like the way they set the blocks on the diagonal to give it even more interest. Because of the wide variety of fabrics, I was stumped as to what to use for quilting and backing.

I basically threw in the towel, so to speak, and decided to use the calico prints from Deb and Pat in Fl for the back and the daisy motif with white thread. All in all, I think it looks rather sharp and distinctive. My thanks to you, the Cresco ladies, Deb, and Pat for the resources to make another wonderful community quilt to donate locally

I’m with Ray…I do think that quilt turned out great!!  I think it’s the solids mixed with the prints that make it shine.  Great work.  Many thanks to those who sent Ray goodies.  It always makes me smile to see how you are supporting Ray and the other volunteer quilters with your donations.


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  1. Judith Fairchild

    Hi, Jo tell Ray that putting the strips together is the easy part. Cutting the blocks correctly is tougher. Altogether a beautiful display of tops and quilt.

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