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I’ve had treats in my mailbox again….

Remember I told you about my cookbook and how I gave it away to my son?  (Read that here if you missed it!)

Well shortly after that I got a note from a reader that she had found one, bought it and was sending it to me.

She did and here it is!!

Thanks so much Kelli L.!  I really appreciate it.  The book was sitting on the island as I’ve been paging through it.  One of the kiddos came home and wanted supper, saw the book and said, “How about pancakes mom?”  So pancakes it was.  THANKS Kelli L.!!  It’s good to have it here.

Also a big shout out should go to Lynnie for the sweet card.  I appreciated that as well.  Stop by anytime.  I’d love to chat.  You’re one of my favorite people who is “real”.




This little goodie wasn’t in my mailbox but was given to me by a blog reader in New Hampton that I met when we did our quilt presentation at the library in Lawler.

It was filled to the brim with truffles.  I’ve been rationing them out and am finally done with them.  It was a great treat!!  THANKS SO MUCH.

Honestly…I’ve said it before and I’d say it we really do have the best blog readers!!

3 thoughts on “In My Mailbox”

  1. I’m glad you got another cookbook. I love the look on your son’s face in the pic. It’s like….”Aha! It’s mine now…all mine!”

  2. Dorothy Matheson

    I bought that cookbook when I married and have used it a lot. It is great. I also have my Grandmother’s Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. She taught me to treasure them. My Mom bought me a Good Kids cookbook that has the best cakes and cookies in it that I treasure. I also treasure my Mom who lives next door to me and will be 90 in August.

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