In My Mailbox…Post #2

I got some fun things in my mailbox recently…so many that I had to split it up into two blog posts.  The first one was earlier this week and this is post #2.

The first box came from Colleen.  She had my childcare kiddos in mind.


I had to laugh when it said “no fabric this time”.  So cute!!

In the box was this cute bag.  The girls are going to love it.  They love all things princess!!


Inside all sorts of markers and goodies kids love.


I have something in mind for Color Wonder Markers and paper and had just bought some….We’ll see if I get my idea done.  Thanks so much Colleen and please tell you daughter Thank You as well.  That was so sweet of you both.

The other package came from Jean in Blair, NE.  I was shocked when I saw what was inside….Check out this bag.  Oh my word.  It’s a hand made bag for ME!!  It’s selvages.  I’ve always thought about doing a selvage project but never have.  Now I don’t have to.  I already have one!!


The bag is the perfect size…nice and deep with LONG handles but not too long.  How did she know just what I’d want?


When it came Hubby was on the computer and I brought the bag over to show him.  As I was showing it off and explaining that people collect selvages I realized the bag was reversible.


I love the flying geese.  I think they are one of my favorite quilt blocks.


I’m in love.  I have two bags and neither of them are what I wanted in a bag.  The handles were short or the purse wasn’t deep…I went up stairs got them and put both in the thrift store box.  This is now my main bag.  I’ll be using it every opportunity I get.

Thanks for think of me and the childcare kiddos Colleen and Jean.  It’s so fun to get mail and double fun when I find it’s things that the kids like or I will squeal over.  How fun!!

I have to say…this is my best December ever…a new grand baby, surprises in the mail, published quilts, a better attitude, surprises all around.  I couldn’t be happier!!

3 thoughts on “In My Mailbox…Post #2”

  1. Jo-so glad you will be able to use the bag. I really have fun making these. I thought you would appreciate the scrappy “other side”. Those narrow strips are leftovers from a project using civil war reproduction fabrics.
    I absolutely love your new quilts that came out in the magazines. Want to make them next year!
    Thanks for your blog……I learn a lot from you!

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