In My Mailbox…

Lookie, lookie…I have more goodies to show you from my mailbox.

This package came from Amy in NH.  It was a long narrow box so everything was rolled up.  It was fun to unwrap it.  There were so many goodies…see?

There were some lovely grays…

Blues…check out the two fabrics in the front.  Those are Kaffe prints I think.

There were several bold prints that I’m guessing will end up being baby quilt backings.

There was a lighthouse panel along with newsprint fabric in purple.  Amy said if there was something that interested me to keep it…so the newsprint fabric will make a home at my house for at least a little while.  I have a quilt swimming around in my head that I was hoping to use some newsprint fabric on.  This might fit the bill.

Amy was so sweet.  Much of this fabric I’ll be passing on and she included some postage money.  That was so sweet.

The next package came from Virginia from CT.   She was so sweet and sent a little postage money along with these two fabrics.  I was so tempted to keep the white but decided to pass it along.  I know charity quilters love getting a big piece all in the same solid color.  It works great for sashing or background in blocks.

She also sent some Minky scraps in red.  So soft!

The next package came from my friend Donna my RV blog friend.  There were LOTS of great scraps!!

Check out the cute way she packaged them…and rolled with a rubber band.  I snagged the pink one.  Several of the prints were in pink and reds with Minnie Mouse.  I plan to make Lucy a Minnie Mouse quilt in the future.

Cut pieces of fabric were included too!

I snagged these batiks.  I’m planning on making a charm quilt of batiks.  The idea started from the last box that Donna sent to me.  I like making a couple of charm square quilts each year and donate them to charity.

Next up, a box from Joyce.  There were lots of bits and bobs in this box.

…a scrap lover’s dream.

There were a few pieces of yardage too.

There was a small top all of tumbler blocks.  This is a little long compared to wide.  I’m passing this on to the ladies of my church.  I think they will trim the sides straight and add some borders.

Sweet Ila sent the next box.

See the Cashew Clusters.  That made Karl SQUEAL.  We are both a huge fan of them and are always excited to see a box from Ila as she spoils us and often includes a bag in the box.  THANKS for loving on us Ila.

There were fabrics in the box too.

Ila likes to send her quilt leftovers which is fine with me.  I so appreciate it all.

There were quite a few Christmas scraps in this box.

It is so fun sorting through them all.  Did you see the red polka dot? You can bet I did!!

Next was a cute card and box of quilt tops from Joann.  These are all scrappy and wonderful!  I’m a sucker for 30’s prints…

This is a great quilt…simple but the color is fabulous.

There were several with this color scheme…

The scrappy inner border is fun.

Here’s one with mismatched crumb centers.

This one really made me smile.  So cute!

All of these quilts are so cute…the design is simple but so effective.  I think good color selection can really make a quilt, especially scrappy quilts.

I just love these color combos.  Great work Joann.

That’s the latest from the mailbox.  WOW, right??  Thanks so much to everyone who sent goodies.  I so appreciate your kindnesses to both me and the charity quilt program.

8 thoughts on “In My Mailbox…”

  1. The quilts you received are all so cute, and such a good variety of fabric. How fun that Karl got some extra excitement. I don’t blame him for liking cashew clusters, so yummy! Looking forward to seeing the quilts quilted as usual.

  2. Are the slides in good enough condition to add them to the ends of a new swing set? Is anything salvage-worthy? Swings? Baby swings? My HH Frankenstiened two free swing sets into a good size set. Then I painted them to match and you’d have never known they were manufactured that way.

    In regards to the trampoline, I wouldn’t go there. We recently insured the house I inherited and rent to our kids. One of the first questions was “is there a trampoline on the property”. I imagine if we had one, our rates would have gone up or might have even been declined.

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