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Oh, my word…mail has been flooding in.  Just a week ago, I was about caught up except for some letters and small packages.  I have a ton to share with you now.  I’m wondering if a bunch of you are having a little case of spring fever and are doing some spring cleaning.

Starting with box #1 is a box from Minnesota.  There was no full name on the box.

There were lots of goodies inside.  There were flannels on the left and bigger cuts on the right.

There were all sorts of prints.

There were a couple of panels and some orphan blocks along with precut squares.

There were LOTS of batiks.  So fun.

The next box came from Donna.  Oh my.  Look at all of the cross stitch.  I just love looking at charts even if I don’t stitch them.  I am sadly not a Santa girl but I know these Prairie Schooler Santas are so popular.  Many stitch them and make them into Christmas Tree ornaments.  I’ll likely offer these on a postage auction and see if one of you would like to get them.

There were other goodies in Donna’s box too.

There were bigger pieces that would work for backing.  In fact, the light blue one went out in the mail the day I opened it.  I have a new person that is willing to finish a few quilt tops, Gail.  She wrote and said she used up much of her stash making over 2700 masks this past year so she needed backing fabric.  If there is someone willing to help, I’ll fight to find her backing fabric or whatever else she needs.  THANKS for the help, Donna.

There were other fun prints too.  You all know I love printed neutrals so I did save the white with red heart fabric.  I’ll be making granddaughter Lucy a quilt and this will work perfect for it.

Scraps and precut squares were next.  I ended up keeping the precut squares.  They were all batik prints.  I ended up digging and pulling out some of the batiks in the previous package and saved some of them too.  I’ll cut some more squares and then make a big charm with them.  I love to make those as my leader and ender project.  It’s simple and easy…but with good colors, they are great.

I got thank you notes from two of my great-nieces.  Some goodies that you all sent were passed on to them.  The two girls made a lot of masks and I sent fabric.  They are tweens and were interested in trying cross-stitch so I sent some goodies that were sent here on to them.  Thanks for helping me help them…I appreciate it.

Look what Jazz sent to me!!  It’s the cutest Valentine.  This little package fell behind my pump organ.  I put smaller packages on the pump organ and this one fell behind it.  I love the little beagle dog.  PERFECT!!  Thanks, Jazz.  You’re so sweet to me.

Halloween fabric is still trickling in.  Most of these were from Canada.  The mail service is still not what it was.

These goodies came from Catherine.  She thought I could use them for the next postage auction.  She was absolutely right.  I’ll show you more of them when the auction time comes.  THANKS!!

The boxes you see here came from Colleen.  I think she’s been doing a big clean-out.

I know Ray already got a box from her.  He sent this picture.  I think another box was going out to Julie in Spring Valley.

Ray said these will be great for backings.  THANKS so much to those of you who are taking care of Ray.  I so appreciate it!

So what was in my boxes from Colleen??  This is one box only.  My table was only big enough for the contents of one box.

All I can say is it’s a good thing I don’t work at a quilt shop.  I’d pet and organize fabric all day long.  I like to sort the fabrics into a usable way so when I pass them on, it’s easier for the recipients to plan a quilt.

There were Halloween prints and larger prints…

Here are the lighter softer prints…

Scraps but all in a great usable size.

I think these all would make a lovely quilt together.  Of course a little more weeding and adding might be needed but it’s a nice start.

Reproduction fabrics too!  I pulled a couple of these for my Hawaiian Sunset quilt.  The bright blues and golds made their way to my sewing room.  THANKS SO MUCH, Colleen.

Neutrals were included too.

This is the second box…again, I was the organizer.

Greens…the one is too bright to go with the others…but I love the other ones together.

Here’s a nice start to a blue and yellow quilt.  I love blue and yellow together.

These all blend nicely too.

The two separate piles that are shown here look like they might have been cuts from fabric lines.

This is the scrap pile.  These are all very useful but just small pieces.

Lots more neutrals.  Charity groups can never get enough neutrals so these will be very useful.

Remnant pieces made their way into the box.

More great fabrics.  I was excited about the two shirt fabrics included.  I kept them.

Wow..right.  Colleen said another box would be coming but so far, I haven’t seen it unless it was a box that didn’t have a note and I didn’t recognize it as a companion box.

I could not find a note in the package these quilt tops came in.   I see a lot of this style of sampler quilt tops.  So often they are a quilt shop block of the month program.  I love the orange in this.  Typically, orange is not a go-to color for me so that surprised me.

There were lots of nice tops.  This is a Twister quilt.  If you’ve not made one, they are fun.  HERE is a link to the ruler to make them.  That link is for the 8″ size.  There is a ruler for different sized blocks HERE.

This was a pretty two-colored quilt.

Georgia was here with me helping sort mail.  She posed with this fun top.

There were two that were similar…this one…

…and this one…

This was a started project.  It looked fun and I was tempted to keep it but passed it on to the Cresco ladies.  I’m glad there was a cutout block with it.  That way if they want to make more blocks, they’d have a pattern.

Isn’t this pretty??  I love the colors.  It just needs the side borders added.

The Cresco ladies brought me goodies too.  This is a fun top.

I really liked this one too.  It was a way to incorporate so many things.  Check out the center of the blocks.  Some orphan blocks…come panel prints.  So creative.

Sandra said that a blog reader had sent tops to them.  The Cresco ladies have their places to donate finished quilts but really don’t have places to donate extra quilts so Sandra passed them onto me and will find homes for them…  This was a cute Christmasy one…

Some fun Dr. Suess…

A nice flannel…

This was a lightweight summer style quilt.  All so appreciated.

But wait…there’s more.  Just as I was finishing up with the writing of this post, the mail lady came with more packages.  Donna picked up these and thought you all might appreciate bidding on them in the postage auction.

An entirely different Donna sent these goodies…

This was a book of Villa Rosa Designs patterns.  I might pass these on to the Cresco ladies.  Hmm.  I’m sure they would appreciate some simple large-scale patterns like these…of course, I’m going to check them out first!!

There were goodies for the childcare kiddos.  These will be so nice.  THANKS.

Scraps and a few 1/2 yard-ish cuts were included too.

…and this top.  I love the colors on this!

The next box came from Sue in IN.

She sent this great top.  I’m passing it on to Lori who finishes quilts for Sharehouse.  It’s a great top.  Love the houses.

She also sent this nice vintage top.  The was thinking of the postage auction.  She said she picked it up at a sale, got it home and there were stains.  I’ll be honest.  With a quick look, I didn’t see any.  I’ll take a closer look when it comes time to list it.

These cute blocks were in the mix too.  So fun.
Well…that’s a wrap on the mail posts.  Thanks so much everyone.  I really appreciate the thoughtfulness.  Every blogger says, “I have the best readers.”  I don’t believe that is true.  I believe I have the best blog readers.  You all are so kind.  I sincerely thank you for being so kind to me, my childcare kids, grandkids, and the community quilt project.

18 thoughts on “In My Mailbox….”

  1. I love reading your In My Mail posts: does the heart good to see many generous people gifting so many things (fabric, cross stitch items, books, quilts, flimsies, orphan blocks, panels, Child Care things and more). I also enjoy reading about how you sort the gifts and where you decide they go next. Your address is like a warehouse of kindness. Congratulations to everyone involved.

  2. What a good haul!! So many good fabrics, patterns, quilt tops, etc.! So many generous people helping the good causes the quilts go too. It is always fun to see if there are any of the same fabrics in these as I have in my stash. So fun!

  3. My friend is the second Donna. We are happy to share things with you and others. We do hope you do look through the patterns but please share with the Cresco Ladies or family. Enjoy.

  4. Such generosity – and kudos to you, Jo, for facilitating the distribution of all these treasures!

  5. You do have the best readers lol!! I loved that little vintage(?) Valentine. I have an affinity for vintage paper items. Very sweet that she sent it to you.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    Thank you for sharing your mail with us Jo. That orange and gray? Or is it blue sampler quilt is about as great a combination of colors as i have ever seen.
    So many fabrics to play with and enjoy.
    My pastor’s wife started quilting a couple of years ago and she has advanced so quickly fr I’m simple stuff to more complicated patterns. It’s such fun to share tips and such. Lasr week she asked me if I had ever used baisting spray and I had years ago but didn’t like the waybit gummed up my machine. Sbe said she had tried it and it worked beautifully so I tried it and she’s right! NO wrinkles or messes while quilting on my sewing machine. It’s a tip I want to share.

  7. Margaret in North Texas

    Thanks Jo for including us seeing the contents of your mail. The quilt makers and finishers will have a blast with all those choices of fabric!

  8. Sara Blasingame

    I love what was sent for quilts to be made it has been so long since I made one, the colors and patterns were fantastic.

  9. After retiring and making several quilts I have lots of pieces of material would u be interested in them and some yardage for backing. Need to clean out drawers so would like to gift them for a useful purpose

  10. What generous followers you have. Just happened to see the quilt twister top. I’ve done several and enjoy making them. Even did a twist from a strip piece quilt top. Turned out awesome.

  11. Jo, the first box you showed is box #3 from Colleen. The contents of all to you, Ray and Julie came from my sister’s neighbor, who is moving. So a big shout out to Andi C in St. Paul, MN. Andi is very happy the fabric will be put to good use.

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