In My Mailbox…

I have mail again…This might be a long post.  I’m trying to get caught up.  Typically I only do three to four packages in one post.  This one has more…

I got a card from Ray the longarmer who finishes charity quilts.  He sent postage money….that was so appreciated!!

That was so thoughtful.  Thanks Ray!!

The next package came anonymously.  There was a package of bonus triangles and a fun nurse print fabric.

I don’t know what I could do with that nurse fabric but with two daughters who are nurses, I should think of something…and bonus triangles, always useful!!

The next package came from Sue.  You might remember that Sue sent packages in the last mail post.  She cleaned a little more and found another package of goodies.

I saved that cow print that is on the upper right.  I’m wondering if I can work that into a baby quilt for Kelli.  You might remember that Kelli’s husband Jason farms and milks cows.

I do have to take a second and comment on the pretty cards that Sue sends.  I’m assuming she makes them.  They are so pretty.
The next package was from…Lorri…here is a red fabric that was given to Lorri that she passed on to me.  I can’t decide if it is a cross-stitch fabric or another fabric.   I’m going to have Kelli look at it.

If it’s regular fabric, I think I’ll make it into kitchen towels…if not, I guess I need to think of something else.  A blog reader Maxine has offered to stitch some little beagles for me.  Maybe stitches on this red I could make a couple of potholders.  That would be cute.

So for now, the red is on hold.

Next up was a package that came from Zulily.  I didn’t order anything from them.  Hmm.  I double-checked the address on the outside of the box…yes, it was for me.

Well I know I didn’t order this but I can see that this is something someone might have gifted me…Hmm.  Who was it?  There was no card in the box.  No gift receipt.  Hmm.  I’m guessing a blog reader.  They know we live in Iowa.  They know the boys love tractors and farming is part of our lives and know that I’m half Swedish.

I have no idea who sent it but a big thank you to you!!  Gannon grabbed the tractor book and was off to show Uncle Karl.

The boys and I all thank you!

The next box is from Colleen.

This box had a note…whew.  The box was loaded with orphan blocks!!

The Cresco ladies love getting orphan blocks.  When they get them, it’s a whiz to get quilt tops done.

Also in the box were a few printed fabrics.  I ended up taking the two in the middle and adding them to my taupe stash.  I am going to be making a quilt soon and need some of that color of fabrics.  I’ve been running low but lately, I’ve gotten a couple in boxes so I think I’ll have enough without having to order any.

Next up is a box from Tracie.  She is doing some sorting and would like to pass on two projects that she would love for someone to finish.

Here are the two projects that were included….this cute tumbler block baby quilt…

…and another quilt.  This one is a baby quilt that is cut out but not sewn.  The prints are SUPER cute all in yellow and black.  The bees flannel for the back is perfect.  The blocks are apple core blocks.

Is anyone interested in finishing these and donating them to charity?   Drop me a note if you are…

Tracie also sent money for the postage fund.  YAHOO.  It’s going to take a bit of money to get all of these packages out to finishers.

A friend of mine dropped over a bag of sheets.  Thanks, Barb!!  These will go to the Cresco ladies for quilt backings.  The sheets are all new.

We take sheets anytime!!  She also dropped by some scotcheroo bars.  Carver was thrilled with them as Barb put sprinkles on them.  Don’t you wish that you were at the age the sprinkles fixed everything?  I sure do!!

The next box came from Connie in WI.   Connie is downsizing her kits.  I was excited to dig into the box and see what was there…

The first one was a “Winter” kit by Thimbleberries.  Everything is there to complete the project.

There was a kit for this wall hanging.

Check out this…are there any cat lovers out there?  The fabrics for this are great.  Check out the paw print fabric.  The blue fabric is also cat-themed.

The next one was really big.

It is all the pieces needed for this monthly project from Debbie Mumm.

Here’s a better picture of the pattern.

There was another kit too!!  WOW, so many nice kits.

If anyone is interested in finishing any of these for charity, let me know.  I’ll happily pass them on to you.  If anyone is interested in buying a kit, we can make that happen too.  Any proceeds will go into the postage fund.  Just drop me an email and let me know…  Here is my email address.

WOW..I told you it would be a long post.  I am completely caught up with mail as I close this post.  I am writing this on Sunday and posting it on Wednesday.  Do you think I’ll stay caught up?  Likely not but that’s okay.  As I always say, getting a lot of mail is a good problem.

Thanks so everyone who sent goodies my way!!

13 thoughts on “In My Mailbox…”

  1. Jo, those packages look full of wonderful fabrics and patterns!! How nice of people to send them to you. Good Luck to all those who do the finishing! I find it very difficult to follow patterns, so I’m leaving that to others.
    I nearly came to tears looking at Carver and Gannon with their Uncle Karl. I miss my little grandsons, even though they are nearby. So glad you have company and Legos, too!

  2. What fun mail! You might check to see if the red fabric might be Huck Toweling that would be used for Swedish Weaving. It’s a fun, simple kind of embroidery … Google it if it’s unfamiliar. Thanks for sharing all the fun treasures readers send you.

  3. Tote bags for your girls using the nurses print would be great gifts. I have used that panel to make lap quilt/wall hangings that are gifted at the annual nurses’ banquet at the hospital where my daughter works. Once in a while they’ll be “packed” in a matching tote bag! They are always a hit!

  4. You mentioned the other day, you have not caught up with your Emails. My friend sent an email explaining the box from Zulily. An early Merry Christmas for you, your family and the childcare kids. She thinks it came on the crazy day when you were trying figure out family care for the grandkids.

    1. I am still very behind in email. I’m hoping in the next couple weeks I might be able to get caught up. That was super sweet of her to think of us.

    1. The Cresco ladies are all from Cresco Iowa. They get together and make LOTS of charity quilts!! I donate a lot of fabric to them that is sent to me.

  5. I would be happy to finish the two baby quilts for charity. How much do you want for the Wreath in the Cabin kit? I am a new reader and it seems like you are serving as a clearing house for all of these items which I think is fabulous.

  6. My girlfriend made me a pillow case with the nurse fabric. It is super cute and use it every February as the colors are red, white and pink.

  7. Judith Fairchild

    The last quilt you showed is tight up my alley and I do have a charity to send it to. If no one else wants it. I’ll e-mail my address to you.

  8. My friend knows Carver likes his farm things then decided to add other things. We were surprised it got to you so quick. Maybe we should say Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. Stay safe and healthy.

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