In My Mailbox…

This week I am trying to catch up with all the things that have come my way.  I really thought with Covid that packages would quit coming but they certainly haven’t.  It’s been great entertainment for me so thanks.

The first box had no note…just a quilt top.  It came from Fair Oakes, CA.  It’s a lovely top and the surprise is it is made from polyester fabric.  WOW!!  I am so impressed.

I’ve had a few blog readers say that their grandmas made double knit quilts and the fabric never wore.  I have a group that is finishing tops that I contacted and they are going to finish it up.  The colors go so nice together.  I so admire anyone who could work with the stretch and give of polyester.  Someone is really going to love snuggling under this!

The next box is from Mobile, AL.  The sender didn’t want acknowledgement on the blog….

The patterns are going to my bedroom.  I love reading patterns (weird I know) before bed.  Old quilt magazines are my favorite..but patterns are great too.

…and check out this…

It’s string blocks for Bonnie Hunter’s Emerald City quilt.  YAHOO!!  That quilt is on my someday list.

The next box came from Mary in Minnesota, my home state.

There were lots of goodies.

The first thing I notice was the stuffed animal.  Karl was here when I was opening the box and immediately I said, “Aw..she didn’t know I quit regular childcare”.  Karl said, “Um, Mom.  I think that’s a dog toy.”

I said, “Really?”..He said, “Yah…look!”

He was right it was a dog toy.
Rosie immediately knew it was a dog toy.  It took her about 2 seconds to find the squeaker.  Oh she loves squeakers.Thanks so much Mary…Rosie loves it.

Speaking of loving things so much, the Cresco ladies are going to love this bundle of goodness.  There are orphan blocks and half square triangles…lot of them.

I’m passing on the white fabrics to them too.  Light background fabrics are something that isn’t often donated to charity quilters so this will be a treat I’m sure.

Check out the doggie stickers.  I’ll do a little “D is for Dog” thing with Carver with them.  He’ll love it.

I’m always so amazed with all the things that come my way.  I so appreciate the kindness of everyone.

8 thoughts on “In My Mailbox…”

  1. Jo, I’m glad I’m not the only “weird” one who reads patterns before bedtime! Quilt magazines are a favorite too, but I do love the patterns and books of course.

  2. My grandmother made dozens of polyester quilts in the 70’s for both mission and family quilts. I have one that the thread fell apart but the polyester looks new. Doesn’t everyone read quilt patterns or cross stitch patterns before bed?

  3. Penny Holliday

    So fun to see all your goodies! I enjoy reading quilting magazines, patterns & cookbooks before bedtime! In fact I think cookbooks are great to sit & read during a rainy day!! My best buddy, my little dog love, love loves squeaky toys!

  4. Interestingly enough,the only quilt my daughter ever pieced was double knit scraps for her new cousin as an 11 year old. She did receive rave reviews for it. She has never made another quilt although she owns several.

  5. In 1966 I remember Mom and I having to go and buy “material” for my 7th grade Home Ec sewing project. My mom was impressed with all of the double knit polyester material we saw there in the store. She showed me how to take the edge of the material and squeeze it in my hand, then release it to see how well the creases fell out. She loved the double knit polyester, because of No Creases! It was easy to sew on too, and lasted Forever!
    But I had to have cotton fabric, so I chose pink broadcloth for the skirt and a small pink flower on white for
    the vest.

  6. I made my kids double knit quilts. Fabric was given to me that looked like sample squares. I didn’t know quilts had three layers (lol) I was 19 and learning how to sew a straight seam. I still find some of those squares every once in awhile. My girls still have them. Thank you for the tips on how to cut the fabric strips. I’m a self taught sewer and love learning all the things that make the process easier. I just wish I could get things done as fast as you. You are Amazing Jo.

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