In My Mailbox

One day my mailbox was so busy!!  Three packages in one day…..


I already mentioned these but Ila sent pears…and Sue sent ribbons.


Ronda sent crocheted hats…one for Neighbor Girl, one for me and one for someone else who could use one.  Neighbor Girl wants to have a fur ball on the top of hers so I’m on the hut for a old fur collar or something else fur from the thrift store.


I’m secretly hoping that once everyone picks, the reddish variegated yarn one will be mine.

This was a fun package that came.  The kiddos loved it and devoured it!  Lucky thing I snapped a photo right away as it was gone in a flash.  They LOVED the envelopes.  I hadn’t thought to save my old envelopes from ads before.  I’ll be doing that now.  THANKS goes out to Jane Z for saving them for the kids.  They had so much fun.


Check out this box of goodies for the kids!  BOOKS!  They loved it.  These came from Edmond, OK with no name….only an unsigned note.  Check out the book on the top of stack.  The title is “Horray for Grandma Jo!”  How fun.  We had to grab and read that one right away.  The books are new and in perfect shape!!  Thanks so much for these….used and loved already.


Connie sent me two of these….Ironing board covers!!  These were for my birthday and I’m LOVING them.  It was kind of funny.  I promised Connie that before she came for another sewing day I would have new ironing board covers.  I planned on making them….well she sent me some really nice ones that she made…much fancier than I ever make them.  I guess that means Connie can come again as I have new ironing board covers!!  Come see us Connie!!  We want another sewing weekend!!


A friend of mine stopped by and gifted me this bottle of wine.  It’s called 19 Crimes.  I’m saving for a day when Kayla comes.  She’s my wine girl and I don’t dare open it on my own for fear I’d drink it all myself.


The wine has a historical reference regarding the 19 crimes that English people could commit to get them sent to Australia as punishment.  I haven’t put the app on my phone to check out the crime my lady took part in.  I’m waiting for Kayla as she’s a history buff too and I’ll wait and share the fun with her.

Kayla was hoping to come over Christmas break but is fought a tough case of influenza instead….poor girl.  Here’s to hoping she can make it home sometime in January and we’ll drink it then.

That’s what’s come in the mail lately….I thank everyone for their thoughtfulness.  I am TERRIBLE at writing formal thank yous…know that any gifts that come are appreciated and loved.  I’m always overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of others!

3 thoughts on “In My Mailbox”

  1. I love a new cover on my ironing board. I tend to let them get pretty scorched and tatty before I replace them–then when the new one is on, I think, “Why didn’t I do this before?” :)

    Wish I wasn’t so far away–I’d come share your wine!

  2. Wonderful boxes of goodies for your house! the new ironing cover looks wonderful and I have never thought to make my own, clever. Enjoy the wine, awesome fun gift for sure.

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