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Goodies came in my mailbox again….These actually came last week and I am getting to blogging about them now.  Sometimes the days get away from me!

Hubby had gotten the mail and he said…three packages for you!  Wow…I was only expecting one.

Anne D from Minnesota we know and love.  We met her when we hosted the retreat in Oelwein in 2015.  She is a spark of energy with a very giving heart.  Anne has been super helpful in supporting the charity quilt project we have and now this….


Notepads for the kiddos…fat quarters and a check with a donation to my niece Jody’s benefit to help her family with medical bills that have pilled up since her cancer return.  It means so much to me.  At the time it came I was putting together a basket of goodies that were all quilting related for the silent auction part of the benefit.  I needed a little more to bulk up the basket so I added the two fat quarters.  I was sure Anne wouldn’t mind after all she had just sent a donation towards it.  I’ll be taking the check and forwarding it on to them.

I can’t say enough how thankful I am that so many donated through the Go Fund Me page.  I know that LOTS of those anonymous donations came from all of you.  THANK YOU!!  It simply amazes me.  I love seeing how little amounts build and build to make a real difference.

We went to the benefit on Saturday and it turned out wonderfully.  Watch for more posts from our Saturday adventures coming soon.

Another box came…this one from Roxie in Utah.  She’s originally an Iowa girl too.  I guess I am actually originally a Minnesota girl but my heart is right here.  Here’s what Roxie sent.

I know…it was hard to tell what it was but I started digging and discovered this!  Thread, thread and thread!  I’m loving it.  I bought a big stash of thread over a year ago for machine quilting and it’s slowly been dwindling down.  This is going to be a great help with the charity quilts!


Did you see there is a fat quarter bundle in there too.  Yep.  A fat quarter bundle.  I don’t know what it is but I love anything tied up and organized.  Don’t you?  There colors are really great.  I need to make something special with it sometime.

So you might be wondering what was in the third package….confession time.  I ordered some valentine leggings and a shirt from my niece Ariel..yes, LuLaroe.  Getting all the packages in the mail sure has helped me hide what I’ve bought.  Hubby doesn’t care and has told me a million times that he doesn’t.  I always feel a little bit guilty though.  So as I was opening the packages, he never mentioned the third package with my leggings in it.  Thanks ladies…you are the best enablers.

Thanks a bunch ladies.  Your goodies will be put to good use.  I so appreciate your thinking of me and my family.

3 thoughts on “In My Mailbox”

  1. Glad you got the box:) A fat quarter bundle is a fatquarter of each piece that is in that specific line of fabric. Have a great day.

  2. Jo, When I read you had put together a quilt basket for the silent auction I thought to myself –
    “I hope Jo puts The fat quarters in the quilt basket for the auction”. You read my mind! Thanks for adding it to “Bulk up” the basket

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