In My Mail

I’ve gotten lots of goodies lately.

Here’s a bunch of goodies sent to me from my “Friends in Tennessee”.  A friend was helping a friend downsize and they gifted the goodies to me.  WOW…


The car fabric is a big chunk and I’m sure it will find it’s way into a charity quilt.

Check out the cloth book in the lower right corner….It’s for Carver!  It was funny.  Kalissa was just saying that Carver loves books and loves when she sings to him.  This book will be perfect.

Here he is checking it out.

Look at all the chicken fabric!!  Holey tomoley!!  There are yards of it.


I’m not quite sure what to make with it all.  Kelli said something about saving a few pieces for pillow cases for the nursing home residents….I have a chicken crazy niece too.  I might have to make something…We’ll see.

Here’s a goodie bunch that came from Janet in Greendale, WI.  She was thrifting and saw these.  She’s hoping I can put them into a charity quilt.  It’s really hard for me to keep everything sorted between charity and my own.  In fact I don’t do it anymore because often the charity pile didn’t have a binding or fabric I needed so I raided my stash anyway….and a time or two the opposite happened.  So I pulled out the 5″ square and hopefully I’ll find some other fabric that blend with them and make a charity baby quilt as a leader and ender project.


I love the thrifty find Janet..and you’re right.  It’s exactly what I would buy.  That goes to show there is fabric at other thrift stores too!!

There was a sweet card from Connie…..


These amazing piece is a cross stitch embroidery table cloth.  IT’S HUGE!!  That came from Cindy N.  She’s hoping I can find a home for it.  My oh my…it’s a big vintage piece.  At the time it cost $11.15.


I’m hoping I can find a home for it too.  I don’t think I’d ever get it done but my oh my, it’s pretty even un-stitched.

I got another package….this one from an anonymous person.  The package was filled with cross stitch patterns.  I’ve had a great time paging through them.  So many neat ideas…


My favorite is this one…sorry about the bad picture.


I put this one in my to do for sure someday pile.

Thanks so much everyone for thinking of me.  You make my mail box an awesome place to go to….It’s like Christmas each time I get a package.  Thanks so much!!

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