In My Mail…Quilt Top Edition

Oh my…what a busy mailbox I have…so busy that I have THREE mailbox posts scheduled for just this week!!!  I told you I got a bunch of packages in one day.  Two were from Roxana.  She was feeling a little overwhelmed with the projects she had going on and wanted to downsize.  That really is a common theme with the packages that come my way.  People realize that even if they sew the rest of their lives, they might still have fabric left.  They also realize it’s fun to go and buy new but if we don’t clear out the old, it’s hard to bring in new…So, Roxanna was clearing out and she said she is already thrilled with the lighter load.

I am honored that you all have confidence in me that I can find good homes for your projects.  Happily I have Karen on tap to take a few of these projects.  I do need to find a home for a couple of the unfinished projects.  Let me know if you’re interested.

Check out this tumble block quilt.  I can see that neutral fabric was added to each side of a tumbler block and then the blocks were trimmed to size.  How fun!

Here’s a little happy 16 patch quilt.  I love the bold colors.
Speaking of bold colors, isn’t this a nice nine patch quilt in brights?  I know those of you who make charity quilts will love this as an idea for a pattern.  What a great way to use up fabric.

Roxanna also sent UFOs.    These are larger triangle blocks.  They only need to be sewn together.
I loved this idea for a quilt.  Notice the first column is oranges?  I’ve not seen this as a pattern and now want to run upstairs, grab my scrap bin and give it a try.  
Here’s plus blocks all made…just need to be sewn together. These are a little more blue than the pictures shows.
Here’s another fun bunch of blocks.  This will make a great scrap quilt.

Here are some tumbler blocks that are cut and a couple rows are already sewn too.  What scrappy goodness.

Here’s another UFO.  I think I’m claiming this one…at least for now.  I have a benefit that I donate a quilt to.  It doesn’t happen until August.  It’s for a really good cause.  Money is raised to help people out with medical bills. This is exactly the kind of quilt that would go good for the benefit.  So as I said, for now, I’m claiming this one!!

Roxanne said she’d be sending another box of goodies in time.  What a generous gal.  All of these project are so nice and I’m sure will be well loved.

The next package came from Grace….I had to chuckle at Grace’s note.  She said “she struggles with quilting”.  Oh my.  No, these are lovely.

What fun scrappy strings!!

This one is larger.  I love the colors and thought to find a Quilt of Valor home for it but after looking at the prints in the fabrics, they are a bit kiddish but so cute.  I love the look of this.

“O” so fun…right?  This is perfect as is but if someone needed it to bigger, a border could easily be added to it.

Yet another box came.  Can you believe it??  This one is from Pat.  She sent along all of her leftovers from Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Smith Mountain Morning.  It’s in her Scraps and Shirttails II book.

Many pieces are cut labeled and ready to be sewn.  There is extra fabric too.  I’m thinking there is enough here to make a twin sized..but scraps can add scraps and make it larger. UPDATE:  This has been spoken for.

There were other goodies too!!

Pat also sent this quilt top from Jeanne in Colorado.  It’s beautiful!  I am always impressed how this pattern really does look just like I’m looking out a window.
That concludes this edition of “In my Mail”….

If you’re interested in finishing a project, or if you are interested in quilting a quilt top and passing it on to charity, drop me a note at  I’m sending some of this out to Karen but there will be a couple projects left.

P.S.  As I was writing this the mailman came.  There are more boxes with a couple more quilt top and projects.  Let me know if you can help!  Two baby quilt tops and the window pane top are left.

7 thoughts on “In My Mail…Quilt Top Edition”

  1. Hi Jo – Can you tell me how to do the window pane quilt? I love that design too. I do know a few charities that I could do some for back home. One is a homeless shelter and also my “first church“ does prayer shawls.
    I would love to get back to doing charity quilts again.
    Hope all is well for you and your family
    Hugs june fromTexas.

  2. I’m interested in Smith Mountain Morning. I have one on my bed right now that is red and greens and I love d making that quilt as I was able to take a class with Bonnie at a retreat. I made mine a queen. I’ve been contemplating making another one so this would save me a lot of time and effort. I had a thought about how you can pay for postage. I’ll send you an email.

  3. Good Morning Jo,
    I would really love the one you thought would be good for QOV, but the print are too kiddish. I would love to finish this for a child’s blanket. I will be more than happy to pay for shipping. Just let me know the cost. Thanks for the consideration.

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