In My Mail: Don’s Quilt

Every so often I meet someone and later get an email from them.  This is one I wanted to share.

Sometime ago Kelli and I spoke at the guild meeting of the Muscatine, Iowa quilters.  While there a gentleman came up and introduced himself to us.  He told me about a quilt that he designed for his son who served our country in Afghanistan.  I told him that I would love to see a photo of the quilt.  Don was so kind and sent it to me.  The quilt is so fitting for someone coming home…

I know many others of you will love seeing the quilt as it offers a lot of inspiration.  Don is a hand quilter too.

I just love the quilt and was sure others of you would love seeing it as well.

13 thoughts on “In My Mail: Don’s Quilt”

  1. Love seeing this, Jo! Remembering our soldiers and Marines is very special to a lot of us. My son is a Marine currently serving in Afghanistan. I thank them all for their service and dedication and of course pray for their safe return. This quilt is beautiful and will be a keepsake for years to come. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Don Zaehringer

    I want to thank Jo & Kelli. And everyone, with their comments. I enjoy quilting and hand quilting. And everyone, has made my day. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE. Take care Don Zaehringer–isewman

  3. Kelly schnepper

    Hello, I am Don’s daughter Kelly and I have to say is seeing this quilt on here made me smile and tear up. I am extremely proud of this quilt and the many many more my dad has made! He is truely an amazing man and very talented….I love you dad!

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