In My Mail…and on doorstep!

I had things in my mail since my last mailbox post…but I have had two things dropped off at my door.

The first came from a local family friend.  Sadly the mom passed away and the family sorted through things.  Initially a daughter took the fabric, kept some and then passed some to me for charity quilts.  When they contacted me and asked if I was interested, of course I said sure…little did I know it was all of this…  Three giant boxes.

Well, I quickly sorted through it all as the Cresco ladies were scheduled to come pick up fabric.  I didn’t get pictures as I wanted to be able to send some of this with them.  Happily, you all know how prolific the ladies are with quilting so you have to know you’ll see the fabric all soon, only then it will be quilt tops!!  HA!!

I did keep a pile…probably more than I should have.

Well remember the other weekend, I had put the boxes of fabric I originally had along with a box of the fabric from our family friends from the donation you just read about outside my garage door and ran a box of novelty prints to my friend….

I was hoping I wouldn’t miss the Cresco ladies when they came for these boxes of fabric, but I did…and what did they do??  They left two reusable grocery bags full of quilt tops!!  I tell you, those girls are so busy.

I took some tops out, not all, and decided to show a few to you….

They have been making lots of string quilts.  There were some in the haul from this time and some from last time.

Here’s another…

Check out this crazily pieced top…now that is a way to use up scraps for sure.
This one is baby sized.
This one looks like a tic tac toe board.
I’ve always wanted to do a pyramid quilt and never have.  I should.

This was a fun nine patch….
The gals are really creative with leftover blocks.  If you have some, they always welcome them….

This one I liked a lot and I need to remember to do something like this sometime.  The center blocks are crumb blocks…then the sashing and a pretty outside coordinating border.  It’s really cute.

These were packaged up and sent on to Ray.  She was happy to get them YAHOO!!  I love having a good place for the quilts to go.  As always, if there are more people/groups, looking for tops, let me know.  Here is my email address:

I got another box in.  This one was from Janet.  Like me, Janet is going through life changes.  She’s now downsizing and getting ready to start a new chapter in life.  She was so sweet and gifted things my way.

I am in love with this little guy.  It’s a farmer gnome.   Isn’t he the cutest??

He’s a hand made farmer gnome and I love him.  I’m not sure where he’s going in my house.  At first I thought sewing room…then I thought my bedroom and then I thought no downstairs so he’s seen by more people.  Oh I don’t know where he’s going. I sure do love him though.

Janet sent fabric too….

Look at all the great browns and creams.
Lots of fun prints too.

There were calicos…and scraps.  What is it with me and scraps…I just love touching and petting them all!!

You were so sweet to share Janet.  Me and my quilter ladies all appreciate it.

I have more mail in from readers and will post about it soon.  This blog post ended up with lots of pictures and there are still many people who still have dial up internet and appreciate it when I don’t have this many pictures in a post….So I’ll get more in another post.

Thanks to everyone who sent or brought stuff.  I so appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “In My Mail…and on doorstep!”

  1. There are still people with dial-up?!?! UGH!! I remember those days. Great fabric haul, Jo!! Even better that you already passed some along to the Cresco ladies. Thanks for sharing their wonderful quilt tops with us!!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    The quilt tops are so good. Beautifully done. Your little farmer gnome looks like a tuck in a shirt pocket to play with doll. He’s cute.

  3. I’m so glad your friends are taking care of you. What a sweet gnome. And such beautiful tops – as soon as things settle here…haven’t been able to get my sewing room up yet – as I’ve been trying to unpack. Trying to find a way with Covid to move my very frail mom and brother the 250 miles here. Not allowed to do much with NY still locked down. And my husbands Aunt is currently very sick with Leukemia. How I do miss sewing. Take care of yourself and keep making those beautiful quilts. Take care and Blessings always

  4. I’m so glad you like my farmer gnome Jo. I have fun making them as they each seem to take on their own personalities. I just knew you needed one! Happy sewing and wishing you good health and happiness.

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