In My Mail…AKA: Kayla’s Delivery Service!!

I have a funny little story to tell you.  I was contacted by Barb from Iowa.  She was going through her sewing room and messaged me wondering if I might be interested in distributing her cast-offs for charity.

She told me she would be through some time and could drop it off.  She also mentioned that she was from Monticello.  That’s the same town Kayla lives in so I told her it would work if Kayla picked up the stuff on her way home sometime and we made a plan for that.  Well, I gave them contact info, and here’s the funny part.  Kayla put Barb’s address into GPS and she was given WALKING DIRECTIONS to Barb’s house as she only lives 800 FEET from Kayla’s house.  How “small world” is that???

They previously didn’t know each other.  Neither knew that they both had a connection to me.  How fun was that?

Anyway…Barb had a mountain of stuff to send my way.  Kayla’s little car was packed.  On top of that…Ila contacted me and had stuff delivered to Kayla too.  So this post is courtesy of Kayla’s Delivery Service.

Check out how much Barb sent my way!! Oh my.

The first box I opened and then whisked it all away to my friend that makes layettes for Lutheran World Relief.  It was all flannels and she needs flannel.

There was more flannel.

All of the precut squares I packed up and passed on to Jazz.  She enjoys working with flannel, enjoys piecing, and makes baby quilts so it was a perfect fit for her!

This was another box of goodies!

This is a heavy-weight fabric.  I sent this on to some ladies that make school kits for Lutheran World Relief.  Heavy-weight fabric is needed for making school kits.  You can learn more about school kits HERE.

Here is a visual of the items needed to make school kits.  All of these supplies are to go into a bag…that’s where the fabric comes into play.

School Kit Instructions | Lutheran World ReliefThe fabric is in great colors and is kid-friendly too.  AWESOME!

This was a great piece of fabric that I’m sure will back a quilt for the fireman’s benefit.  YAHOO!!

Here was another box…

These unfinished blocks are AWESOME.  These are being passed to Ray’s charity quilting friends.

As are these…

There were lots of smaller scraps.  I pulled the spool fabric with plans to pass that on to Christi.

I was just amazed at all the things included.

There were paint books and other kid-friendly goodies.

These were all fat quarters.  I saved the feather fabric for Christi and I saved three of the light neutral fat quarters.  They went to my box of scraps I’m using in my Red Sampler quilt.

Can you believe all of the boxes and boxes of goodies??

I saved out the green fabric in the back.  I often get people willing to finish quilts but need me to provide the backing.  This one would be really good for any kid-friendly quilt.

There was a lot and it was such a wonderful feeling to be able to sort and help so many charity quilts all in one donation.

There were lots of scrap bags of goodies.

Even more goodies.  I think but I’m not sure that the striped fabric in the middle center is a Kaffe stripe.  I pulled it for now and will check it out.

I’ve been collecting Kaffe prints.

This grouping included a lot of smaller scraps.  That’s totally fine.  We have quilters that love small scraps.

This bundle was all corduroy.  I passed this on to the same people who got the heavy-weight fabric for school kit bags.  I think this will all work for that too.

More flannel and a huge chunk of wool too.

These were mostly one yard-ish pieces with a couple of them smaller.

More fun scraps!!

This made me smile…isn’t it precious?  This will be featured on an upcoming auction for postage money.  Speaking of postage money.  With the last influx of postage money, I’ve sent out 18 packages already.  I’ve also bought two rolls of batting for two of the charity quilting groups.  Thanks so much to everyone who bid and/or bought.

This was the next box…

Lots of solids in this bunch.

Check out those cute baby prints.  I had a great time paging through the quilts book. It was a great book filled with ideas.

This was a fun paper piece project.  What a lot of work went into it!!

Here are lots of scraps.  I bagged them all up together and will be sending them off to the Cresco ladies…you’ll likely see these scraps again only next time in quilt tops.

There were two quilt tops in the bunch.  Both were jelly roll style quilts.

They look similar, but trust me there are two.  Jasper is showing them off.

Holy WOW, Barb.  That was a treasure trove of goodies.  So many people are going to benefit from your donation.

That isn’t all that was in Kayla’s car…remember Ila sent goodies too??

Karl was thrilled that his “fairy godmother Ila” sent Cashew Clusters.  Ila knows how to spoil us!!

There were TWO bags of Cashew Clusters.  I was a nice mom and let Karl have one.   Check out all of the bags…

They were filled with magazines.  Ila knows I love reading them before bed so she passed them on to me.  Do you see that sweet little candy jar?  Ila gave me to large ones previously.  They are in my sewing room holding triangle scraps and red tomato pinchusions.  This one is going with them.

There were scraps too.  I thought the red bag was from Ila…but nope.  I think it’s from Kayla.   That had shirt scraps.

Oh my…WHAT A DELIVERY!!  I can’t believe all this fit in Kayla’s car…and Jasper and she had five boxes of baby clothes she was passing on to Kelli and the boys.  By the way, Kayla drives a Prius.

What a fun haul.  THANKS SO MUCH, ladies!!  I appreciate your work in putting this delivery together!!

12 thoughts on “In My Mail…AKA: Kayla’s Delivery Service!!”

  1. It makes me so happy that fabric is being put to good use. I spent most of my childhood with my Grandmother. She raised her children during the depression and taught me every scrap of fabric can be used somehow. Even now I stuff dog beds with the scraps. I always think of her when I do it. Way to go ladies.

  2. Hi what a box of goodies!!! Our guild is .making bonding hearts for Children’s. We make flannel 6-7″ hearts of double flannel. The mother puts them on chest and baby gets her scent. So if you ever get lots of baby flannel pieces, send my way. I have used up every piece I have. Will send you postage money Pat

    1. ask Jo to put your information or some of it in the “Quilting Donation” section. I will check what flannel I have that I can send your way.

  3. Oh my! The generosity of quilters continues to amaze me!
    What wonderful quilts will be created for many!
    Love and prayers

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Such a lively lovely surprise. Quilters are generous people. The story Barb and Ila living so close to Kayla is great. The Prius must be a lot roomier than most small cars, or Kayla is a packing master.: ) I enjoyed seeing every bit of materials and your Jasper with the quilt tops.

  5. So Kayla can have a side-line job…Uber driver for quilt fabric delivery!! Coincidences are always amazing…new friendships are born. Love it.

  6. What do you do with all the magazines you receive after you have looked through them? I have many boxes of quilt magazines I need to pass on to others

    1. look at your local or close by quilt shops and sewing machine stores. They might take them and pass them on to others for free. I have two Amish-Mennonite stores that do that. And at my mom’s church there is one lady who loves getting my magazines when I am done with them. I love the ones that Jo just got. I finally gave many up to give myself room for recent ones.

  7. Thank you, Jo! I received the flannel yesterday. Be prepared for photos of quilts for the newborns of Ben Taub and LBJ hospitals in Houston!

  8. Pamela Dempsey

    Looks like jasper has taken over the job of posing on the quilts what a blessing to others- all the sharing of fabric!

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