In My Mail…

My mail had slowed.  I barely had enough to start a blog post and then BAM!  I have enough to write two blog posts and am feeling really behind with it all.

First up, this came from Kayla.  It didn’t come via the mail but I just couldn’t resist showing you.  I know all of you quilters will think it’s cute.  It’s a Pioneer Woman tray for serving.  I just love it.  It would be great in a sewing room too.  I can imagine little squares waiting to be sewn together in each one of the little containers.

It is under $10 and can be found HERE.

Kayla also brought me a few of her sewing room cast offs.  She has these blocks made from Shot Cottons.

I already have these made into a quilt and will be sharing a pattern with them in the future.

She also had these projects started.  I guess I’ll add them to my UFO projects…I don’t mind.

She also sent me two other things…a baby quilt that needs a border and finishing and also a quilt that needs the binding tacked down.  I’ve already finished them and showed the to you.

Holly was so sweet and sent some goodies.  There are some vintage items that will go on the postage auction.  I’m hoping to have one of those ready sometime this month.

These fabrics were in the mix and …they have already been cut and you’ll see them again in my True Blue quilt.

All of this came from Valerie.  What a haul!!
There were all sorts of goodies.  I set the floss aside for Jazz and will send that to her.  I found a couple of feed sacks in the mix and will offer them at an upcoming auction.

I set the jelly roll aside and packaged up most of the fabric and will give that to the Cresco Ladies next time they come this way.

The next package came from Sandra.

She sent a lovely note that I so appreciate and the box was filled with flannel and flannel sheets for layettes!  YAHOO!!  These already have been passed on to the ladies from my church who put the layettes together.

The gals were so happy to get these.  Some of you likely don’t know but I’ve been working to supply things for my church and for my friend Lana.  It’s double duty for me now!!  I enjoy it though.

The next box came from Diane.

She had quilt tops to share for the postage auction.  This one is BRIGHT!!

Just look at this one…SO PRETTY and all the work to blanket stitch around all the pieces.  WOW!!

She sent a few fabrics too.  THANKS!!

Remember me going to the cross stitch retreat??  Well when I was there, Darlynn brought a bunch of fabric.  She said she went through her green fabrics and was parting with all of this!!  What a treasure trove.

These pieces were all big.

The was one of the big bags.

This was in there.  Note the selvage.  It’s Country Threads fabric.  I’ve been saving that whenever I find it.

This box had goodies…buttons, quilting goodies, and layette clothing.

This was the other big bag…WOW!

Thanks, everyone.  If I didn’t get to something that you sent, don’t worry.  As I said at the beginning of the post, I have more mail to share with you.  I thought for one post, this was enough.  Happily, this is all processed and moved along to people who can put it to good use…and I have my garage space back!!  I was tripping over boxes but it’s all good now.  THANKS!!

4 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Carolyn Sullivan

    OMG I gto a blog post from you IN MY EMAIL! YEAH! I have not since sometime in July. I decided that the problem in GMAIL and Blogger! I am also not getting Bonnies email, and probably Pink Shoe laces…. I have another email that is more directly linked to my Internet company. that is what I am receiving this on!

    1. Susan the Farm Quilter

      I had to subscribe to all three of those blogs via email, after getting them all for years!! Bloglovin was a PITA.

  2. In the photo with the buttons and assorted things, is that a Spry cookbook on top? My great-grandmother gave me one of those when I first got married in the 90s and I loved it. Not sure what happened to it.

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