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Mail has come in quite heavily around here.  The first box came from Lisa.  What a treat.  Lisa had contacted me a while ago and asked if I wanted any fabric.  Of course…YES!

You might remember in the last installment of my mail post that someone had sent me a lot of Kim Diehl fabric.  That was Lisa.  Now she sent another.

It had some more Kim Diehl fabrics so I sorted those out to put with the other fabric.  I rarely make a quilt with a fabric line unless it’s purposely for a magazine.  This is going to be so fun to play with!!

Also in the box were these goodies.

These came at perfectly the right time.  The blues have all found their way into my True Blue quilt.  I am just going to love them in this quilt.  LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!!

I love seeing the differences in the fabrics.  It makes a quilt so much more interesting.

Imagine my surprise when Lisa sent another box of fabrics.  WOW!!  It’s been like Christmas around here getting boxes from Lisa and the fun bags from the annonymous donor.

These are again mostly Kim Diehl fabrics.  WHOOT!  WHOOT!  I thought I had a tote to fit them all in but it appears that my tote is going to need an upgrade.  HA!  I just love the fabrics.

These are exactly the types of fabrics I would pick it I were going into a quilt shop.  These vary from 1/3 yard cuts to one yard cuts.  These will be fun to dig into but first I have other projects to tackle.

I have been on both the giving and recieving end of fabric.  I have to say, I love both sides.  I love giving…but recieving is wonderfully fun too!!  Thanks Lisa.  I so appreciate it.

In the back and forth emails with Lisa she share a quilt she made.  It happens to be a quilt she made using one of our patterns, Pinkie Swear.  You can find the free pattern HERE.

I loved our version and love Lisa’s version in blue.
Thanks for sharing this Lisa.  It’s the highest compliment when anyone makes a quilt using your designs.

I especially love it when people make it their own.  You can see in our version, we did a pink and brown color scheme.  Lisa did all blues.  What a great variation.

Thanks for sharing Lisa.

Amazon packages showed up on my doorstep the other day.  I couldn’t remember ordering anything.  It turns out I was reminded of the generosity of many of you.

I had wrote in a previous post that someone had asked me to put a link to my Amazon store showing things that are needed for Lutheran World Relief baby care kits.  HERE was that link.  Several of you purchased items and had them sent directly to me and that was awesome.  The only problem is… I have no idea who sent them so I can’t thank you individually.  Please, if you had items sent, let us know in the comment section.

Here was on package that came…

…and another.   The white box is filled with diaper pins.

Here is another donation.

These recieving blankets came in another package.

All of this was in the last package.  WOW!!

MANY thanks to everyone who donated goodies.  I am helping two different groups collect items.  There is always a need for them.  Each kit contains these items…

Gently used items from garage sales are totally welcome too.

MANY thanks to those who have supported the cause.  These baby care kits are given to those in need throughout the world.  I have such a great attachment to this program as I can’t imagine being a mom, bringing a newborn into this world and only having these basic things.

My friend Mary who does work with making kits said she contacted the district organizer for some guidance on putting the kits together.  She was wondering how to make the kits boy or girl.  The district organizer explained that in other countries there isn’t such a distinction between boy and girl clothes plus these people are truly in need and don’t care at all.

I was able to hit up a garage sale and they had recieving blankets for 25 to 50 cents each.  I bought the eight that they had there along with a hooded sweatshirt.  I snagged a flannel sheet for 75 cents too.  The ladies will make that into diapers.  Every little bit helps to get the kits together.

MANY thanks to all who donated.

That’s a wrap up of the mail.  Many thanks to Lisa and all the wonderful people who sent goodies my way for the baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.  Everything is MUCH appreciated.

19 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Elizabeth Sawyer

    Lisa could be my friend anytime. What a wonderful gift box and I know you will put it to good use.

    1. I was just going to say if Lisa would like I will be more than happy to receive fabric! When I moved a year ago, a few boxes of mine “went missing.” I think the movers gave them to another family, and they didn’t return them. Beautiful haul there, Jo!

  2. What a nice amount of beautiful fabric! How sweet to get all the items for LWR care kits. So many generous people!

  3. What is the name of the cream/blue quilt pattern you showed in this blog that consisted of blocks with half square triangles? The blocks have not been put into a quilt yet, according to the picture. Thanks

  4. Jo, these little blue and light squares are really cute. Is the pattern one of those disappearing squares where you start out with a simple block and then slice it apart, twist and turn the sections and sew them together again? Or is that one of your patterns? Or does the little block have a name I could search for? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

  5. Glenda Fletcher

    HI Jo, I really liked the fabric that you received. They will be great in your stash. You will be receiving a package in the mail on July 20th from Amazon. Just a little for LWR. You are helping
    with a good cause.

  6. Hi Jo, could you tell me the name of the pattern you are using for your True Blue quilt. I love seeing the blocks you have made. Thank you. Hugs,

  7. hi jo!! you are amazing. I would like to sew diapers for your cause. is there a specific pattern recommended. thank you

  8. I think 2 of the Amazon packages were from me. Decided it was more cost effective to just send them directly to you. Thanks for providing the link for what’s needed. kathy briggs . newport mich

  9. Sandra Bogoniewski

    Oh, wow, you can use sheets?! I have a bunch of like new twin sized flannel sheet sets that I haven’t known what to do with – they look a bit like pillow ticking, and I don’t like to use something so light for quilt backing. Would you like them?

  10. Sharon Browne

    I was practically drooling over all of those Kim Diehl fabrics! She is probably my all time favorite fabric designer. I am so jealous! And even though I love the Pinky Swear quilt in pink and brown, the blue and white version is awesome! It’s a beautiful quilt.

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