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I know I just did a mail post yesterday but the mail has been coming in heavy and hard so in an effort to keep up, I’m writing another mail post now.  I find if I wait, that’s when I mix everything up.

This other day I was just about to go to do some errands when I saw this…Boxes outside my door.  I carried them in, set them aside and checked them out after I was done with errands.

Here are the boxes.  They were big.  They were from Boone, Iowa.

Here is what was in the box #1…

There was lots and lots of thread.

The bottom of the box was full of patriotic fabrics.

The next box had lots of precut prints and fun fabrics.

They were all nicely organized.

Box #3 was all fleece.

Box #4 was fleece too.
I am passing this, except for a few pieces, to the local church ladies.  They were so excited to get it.

Helen had tried to… reach me because she wanted to donate some goodies and somehow we didn’t connect.  She ended up connecting up with the Decorah gal that I pass things on.  She ended up leaving a box with her and she passed it to me.  Here are the goodies that were in the box.

There were cross-stitch goodies along with some great vintage blocks.  Aren’t they interesting?
I love these.  They will make a reappearance in an upcoming postage auction.  Speaking of postage, Helen was so sweet and included money for the postage fund.

These bags were also in the box.
What a fun box!!

This came from a blog reader who asked that I not mention her name.  So many fun goodies.  Have any of you played the board game Patchwork?  I’m so excited to give it a try.  I wonder if I can get Karl to play with me.
Blog reader Lisa was busy cleaning and organizing her sewing room.  She came across some prints that she’s no longer interested in.  She asked if I would love them and why yes, I sure would love them.

They are mostly Kim Diehl prints.  Just perfect for me!!  I don’t have anything specific in mind for them yet but I sure do love them.

The Cresco Ladies were by and left goodies for me.  They passed on flannel that they had as they knew I could use it for the baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.

They also brought by FIVE reusable bags filled with quilt tops.  WOW.

There were lots of Christmas and Halloween tops.  I think they must have gotten together and organized a Christmas in June sewing session.  I pulled out a couple of quilts and snapped pictures.

This one was an eye spy with polka dots.  Oh, I love it.  I need to make a quilt for my granddaughter Lucy.  I’ve been saving Minnie Mouse fabrics.  I’m tempted to do something like this.  My prints are all red, white, and black.  I wonder how that could work…Hmm.

Blog reader Betty did the kindest thing.  She ordered some fabrics from Whittles and had them sent directly to me.  Aw…how kind.  I didn’t know they were coming so when I opened the package I wondered if maybe I pushed the purchase button at Whittles as I had been there shopping looking for a navy fabric for my Hawaiian Sunset quilt.  I had put fabric in my shopping cart but then thought I took it out again.  Did I accidentally purchase it?  I didn’t think so.

I was so surprised to open the package and see red and cream/tan fabric.  I wasn’t expecting that at all!!  I just love them.  I ended up looking on the invoice and saw Betty’s email.  I messaged her to make sure she intended to send them to me.

At a different time, I had a blog reader accidentally send something.  Betty said they were for me and to enjoy them.  Oh my.  I sure will!!  This print below is my favorite!  I don’t know that I will specifically use these all in one project.  Instead, I think they will go in my stash and get sprinkled into lots of quilts.  Oh, so pretty.

I also got a cord for my waffle iron.  This I ordered by it came in my mail and I wanted to share the information with you about it.  I bought this waffle iron on eBay.  It turns out that when I got it, the cord where I plug it in was very damaged to the point it wasn’t very safe to use.  I used it anyway.  My daughter Kayla was here and she had a talk with me about the cord.  She offered that her husband, an electrician, would fix it for me.  I said to wait a second and I’d look on eBay to see if I could find a cord.  It turns out they had new cords available on Amazon.  This waffle maker is likely 40 years old.  I never imagined I could find a brand new cord for it on Amazon.  I was a little skeptical but ordered it and it works perfectly.

YAHOO!!  That was a WIN!

That was my mail call.  I’m so happy to have that all reported.  I’m still not quite finished though.  I had someone volunteer to finish the Christmas and Halloween quilts.  I also have someone to pick up some of the goodies.  It’s a never-ending process.  I’m thankful to be a part of it all.  I appreciate all of the thoughtfulness and kindness.  I’m so excited about the new fabrics to play with.  They’ll likely sit around and I’ll mull over some ideas.  So fun!!

13 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. The Cresco Ladies are happy to work with Jo Kramer and all the fantastic volunteers. We often save “theme” fabrics and then give ourselves a challenge in turning them into tops. Sometimes there are just a few orphan blocks and smaller pieces of fabric – but we love trying to find a way to use them. We’ve pretty much completed the Halloween quilts but have a few more Christmas tops to finish. This month’s theme is “Sports”…. and we’re having a “Ball” with soccer, football, basseball, hockey, and other fabrics we’ve received. August may be a slow month because our town has a huge quilt auction that benefits the local hospital. With so many medical facilities closing, we are proud to announce that the hospital/clinic here in NE Iowa is expanding it’s services in Cresco, Elma and Lime springs. Happy Summer to All….

    1. Thank you for all you do ! You ladies are such a blessing to the whole world as your quilts find their way to so many places !

  2. Judith M Fairchild

    Jo, what a lovely bunch of fabric. As I was scrolling/ reading I came across the picture of the quilt squares. The yellow with green and dark prints made me grin . I made a quilt for a baby using that pattern. It was identical to the square you pictured only 48 by 48. I loved it and his momma did too. So much fun to quilt. It was a real challenge but worth it.

  3. Elizabeth V K

    My 9 year old GD loves to play “Patchwork” with me. I am not real strict with the rules. Carver might like it. My box looks different but probably the same game.

  4. More wonderful things. You sure Christmas a lot! haha. Anyway much beautiful fabrics and quilt tops. The Cresco ladies do wonders in big ways – bless their hearts!

  5. Julie Hutcherson

    Jo, as a thank you for all you do, I wrote up the border instructions for Florabunda. Look for an email from creativejewel.

  6. What a treasure trove of lovely fabrics. You have the best mail and I sure enjoy seeing what others are willing to donate to a great cause.

  7. I’m a new reader and am astounded at the kindness and generosity of people who send you fabric, use or pass on. I can imagine the excitement especially of the church groups when they see you coming with yarn and fabric and so forth to donate to their efforts!

  8. Ellen O Cooper

    I believe the fabric you said is your favorite is from Marcus Fabrics. There is a red in their Repro Reds collection with that same design. It’s beautiful. I have both and can’t wait to come up with a design for a comfort quilt where I can use them both.

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