In My Mail…

I’m trying to keep up with my mail and aside from the last post not publishing, I’ve been doing better than normal.

This first box came for Marie.  She has sent many boxes over the last few months.  Most are full of quilt tops.  The ladies from my church who put together quilts for Lutheran World Relief have been getting many of her tops.

I took pictures of a couple of my favorites…

This rail fence is my very favorite.  I love the colors and the red inner border.  So cute!!

Thanks Marie.  These will be so appreciated by the ladies from my church and the people who eventually get the quilts.

Carolyn was a busy, busy beaver.  She has been making LOTS of items for the Baby Care kits for Lutheran World Relief.

Carolyn’s note listed that in this box were:
14 hoodies
2 hats
12 undershirts
52 gowns
There was a receiving blank in there too.

She also wrote that since last June, that makes 500 gowns she has made AND she also purchased and sent a few gowns.  WOWZA!!  What an amazing donation.  I am so impressed with the time and talent she shares.

You all have been great in helping get these together.  The donations for Lutheran World Relief went out in early May.  They are already starting to work to put together kits for the Fall pick-up of kits. It’s always a big rush to get the final items together to make it on the shipment.

I had someone ask if I could put an Amazon shop section that had the items that are needed for Baby Care kits. This person wanted to purchase items and then have them sent to me to be put into the kits.  HERE is that link 
if anyone else would like to do that as well.

MANY-MANY thanks to all who have donated items to get the baby care kits together.

Donna was so sweet and coordinated a transfer of flat cotton sheets from her daughter to me…I’m going to pass them to the Cresco Ladies.  Donna their long armer is great and doesn’t mind using cotton sheets for backing.

Kayla was home a bit ago and dropped off a few boxes of goodies.  Some of you might not know but Kayla decided to quit teaching and has plans to pursue more computer/website/promotion type work as her main job.  I had passed along some of the goodies you all sent to her to use in her classroom.  She ended up bringing back what wasn’t used and gave it back to me.  It was perfect timing as I had a blog reader wanting fabric for charity quilting so I sorted through it and passed some to her.

Kayla also included some thrifted T-shirt fabric that I will pass to Carolyn.

I forwarded some of these goodies to Patty in FL that makes quilt tops and passes them to Ray to finish.

Kayla also dropped off flannel for baby kits.

Blog reader Dianne blessed me with some batik scraps…Oh, I love them.  They went right in the basket and will likely be used in my next batik quilt.  She also sent some postage money which is a huge blessing.

Paula sent this cute little cross stitch pattern to me.  So cute!  I need more time to stitch all of the things!!

Sue sent these cute-cute vintage snaps.  I hope to put them in my sewing room.  The red one will be decor and the blue will go in a vintage sewing basket.  I just love them!

Blog reader Linda was so sweet and shared some UFOs with me.  As she is getting older, she feels the need to downsize.  I think that happens to many of us.

There were a lot of goodies in the box.

This one looks fun.  It has a note with it that says, “Sew Very Easy” quilt pattern.  Nothing clicked with me to know what quilt it is.  Maybe one of you might know the pattern.  For now, I’m holding onto this one and will check it out a little more in detail.  I have a few fundraisers coming up that I need to donate quilts to so this one might get finished and donated by me (and Linda).

There were fun scraps in the bunch.

This was labeled orphan blocks but I really think there is quite a bit here.  With a little work, I think a couple of baby quilts could be made.

This is almost made.  It is a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern called Pecking Order.  This is another I would love to finish and donate.  I’ve been wanting to try some fancier machine quilting on a project and this just might be the one I try it on.

There was another Missouri Star Quilt Company UFO in the mix.   This one is Grand Adventure Quilt.  I would love to finish this one up and donate it as well.

Over the past year, I’ve mostly sewn quilts I love and want to keep or gift to our family or sewn things for quilt magazines.  That has left me with little to donate.  These will come in so handy for something I can put together quickly.  I so appreciate the help so that I can continue to donate quilts.

I have one more box to share.  This one is from Sue in PA.  She sent goodies and some money for the postage fund.

Here is what was in the box.

The fabric in the back is all flannel.  That will go to my friend that makes baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.  The onesies will go there too.  The fabric I’m saving back and will likely get sent to a charity quilt finisher for binding or backing.

She sent this project…

…and these which went in the postage auction box which reminds me, I need to host another auction.

There were such interesting blocks.  I had to study them for a bit.  I might make one of these blocks up using more modern piecing.

That’s my haul of mail.  How fun!!

Thanks so much to everyone who sent goodies.  I’ll be sharing things with the Cresco Ladies and others.  THANKS so MUCH!!

7 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. Judith M Fairchild

    Definitely a large haul. That last quilt block you showed is right up my alley the shades of lavender and green holler spring to me ! In lilac time. That’s one I want to copy too.

  2. The green/black block is just chisel cuts w/triangle sewn in 2s going opposite directions, then 4 put together for the block

  3. What wonderful treasures arrived at your home. I’m sorry to hear that Kayla will be leaving teaching, we good teachers desperately and I know she will be missed by her students. Wishing her luck in her new adventure. Those snaps bring back memories of my early days of sewing for our children, such cute ones.

  4. Jo- Sew Very Easy with Laura is a youtube channel about quilting. I didn’t see the specific block you’ve got, but her backgrounds mostly show how quilts and not blocks. It might be worth checking out.

  5. Kathryn Martin

    Jo, I have 2 questions.
    Question 1. So, Kayla must have been the teacher in your family that could have used some beginner cross stitch kits. So now they are no longer needed I assume. (I am coming to the stitching weekend at Stitchery Nook) So am I correct in assuming I need not bring them to you?
    My 5 children wore cloth diapers 40 yrs ago. I had 2 types. One was a large flat square-ish piece, you could fold to suit the baby – large/ small/ boy/ girl . I assume these are called the flat fold. Yes, they are the best because they dry fast when laundered. The other type was rectangular and had a double or triple thick sewn midsection. Much longer time to dry.
    Question 2. Do you happen to know which items the Lutheran ladies are usually most in need of for their kits? Oh, of the items from the Amazon list, please and thank you!!!!!

    1. Hi Kathryn…
      1- Kayla doesn’t need them anymore. THANKS though.
      2- They appreciate any supplies. It really doesn’t matter. Typically diapers are the hardest to come by and flat fold is preferred. Hand towels is something else they are short of. They typically buy from their personal money anything they are short of. So if no one donated soap, they buy soap. Any donation of anything is very appreciated. No one is picky at all. I’m working to supply two groups now so if one group has stuff, I offer it to the other group. It really all works out.

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