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I feel really bad.  This blog post was supposed to go live a bit ago and for some reason it didn’t.  I had been having a little trouble with my internet going out.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if the internet is out when the blog post is scheduled to go live, then it doesn’t publish.  You might have noticed that last week there were two times when blog posts didn’t go live.  I caught those up but then today, I was doing some blog work and realized this one hadn’t gone live either.  This one is from some time ago.  My apologies to the people who sent these goodies and weren’t recognized.

First up, Dori sent some awesome dog print fabric with the hope I could use it as backing on an upcoming quilt I will finish for the local pet rescue.  PERFECT!!  I’m so excited and LOVE the print.  THANKS!!

Linda sent the next package…so sweet.  Check out the… stained glass.  Oh my word, it’s lovely.  Linda has a blog and it just so happens that she is a real talent and talks about making these HERE.  Plus, she’s a quilter.  I warned you…you’re likely to head down a rabbit hole reading all of her posts.  (I did!!)

I loved reading about how she made this.  It’s just lovely.  She included this verse.

I immediately hung the little piece in my dining room window.  I see it all the time.  It just makes me smile to see it.

She also sent a little prayer pocket quilt.  This one has a printed verse.

This is the other side.

Inside there is a little cross…it’s a great idea and I so appreciate Linda’s thoughtfulness.

The next box came from Helen.  It’s a box of cell phones for the kiddos.  Seriously, of all of the toys and goodies here, phones are likely the most used “toys”.  I have a drawer and there are about 12 in there.  The kids play phone shop, house, doctor…pretty much anything they play, a phone is included.  Thanks so much.  These will be so loved and played with.

Cindy sent some cross-stitch goodies.  That was great!  I’m going to use a couple of these for comparison for the Blessed Stitch Along.

It will be great for me to show people how the count makes a difference.

I got a great box from Donna.  It was filled with flannel.  I was so happy to get it.  I pass on flannel to my friend Lana that puts together baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.
I am certain that Lutheran World Relief will be on the ground and helping Ukraine refugees as they try to make sense of their world.  I love knowing that these kits we are working to put together will be there to help in times of crisis.  Feel free to send flannel my way any time.

The Cresco Ladies were by and I missed them.  I was up sewing and didn’t hear them.  They dropped off two bags of quilt tops.  Yahoo!!  I have a few more people who have volunteered to finish quilt tops.  I’ll be getting quilts out to them soon.

What you read above was the old blog post that didn’t publish.  I got a few more things in the mail and am adding them to this post.

Margaret sent some goodies for the Lutheran World Relief baby kits.  She sent so many goodies.

These items were just perfect.

Check out the cross-stitch charts that were sent my way.   The envelope was pretty damaged when it arrived and I was worried that whatever was inside would be damaged too but they were fine.  WHEW!!  I’ve had fun looking at these!!

I got a couple of sweet cards with postage money included.  It was so sweet.  I love how wonderfully you all support the charity quilt program.  It’s such a blessing to have you all on this journey with me.  Many thanks!!

My friend Barb stopped by and spoiled Carver, Gannon, and my two after-school kiddos with a basket of Easter goodies.  She’s so thoughtful.  I appreciate her so much.

That’s it for the mail call.  Again, my apologies that the original blog post got “lost”.

Thanks so much…

9 thoughts on “In My Mail”

  1. I made 150 little pocket prayers with cross inside – mine finish at 2×2 and are not turned – just pinked edges – too small for my clumsy old fingers. I made them for the choir and womens fellowship coming up next week. I always have a couple in my pocket – today I left 2 at the clinic

  2. I was blown away that my work was on your blog. I have looked up to you and learned from you for years. I was trying to give back to you for all your hard work and faithfulness. I am greatly humbled.

  3. The pocket crosses are such a wonderful small gift, I hope to make a few for some friends who are struggling. The stained-glass item would be gorgeous in a window and what a beautiful poem to make it extra special. You have the best mail box.

    1. The Cresco Ladies are a group of friends who live in the town north of me, Cresco. There are a few core people who do much of the work and several who help as needed. They are a great group of ladies!

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