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I had a not kid day today so immediately went to the sewing room and enjoyed a day sewing. I came down to check the blog and realized my blog post didn’t go live.  Here it is late.  My apologies.

I always have to laugh over my mail.  The other day I was talking to Kalissa and she was asking what I needed to get done at my house as I was expecting company.  I told her the biggest thing I needed to do was to manage the mail that had come in.  I needed to take pictures, sort it all as to where it needed to go, and get a blog post written.  She asked if I was behind writing blog posts or why I picked that.  I told her no…I needed to find my dining room table back.  HA!!

I scrambled and got that done on Friday.  I had company over the weekend feeling so proud of myself that I was caught up on the mail.

Monday rolled around and just like that, I had more mail.  It’s totally okay.  I love getting mail from readers who are supporting the causes I love.

This all came from Shelley.  She sent flannel fabric and hand towels for the Lutheran World Relief kits that my friend Lana puts together.  Lana is going to be thrilled.  I know I am!!

Shelley was also thought I might like the wooden shelf.  I do like it.  I am going to put it with my cross-stitch finishing stuff for now and hopefully, at some point, I will come up with a cross-stitch piece that I could insert into the oval opening at the top.  It was sweet of you to think of LWR and me!!  THANKS.

Friends Laurie and Peggy were doing some purging in their sewing room and thought I might use or pass on some goodies they lost interest in.

There was such a collection of goodies.  I set some aside for the Cresco Ladies.  I know they will love the orphan blocks.  Making orphan block quilts is a favorite of theirs.   There is a beautiful UFO quilt in the grocery sack that is close to a finish.  I was tempted to keep it but…I decided to pass it on.

Thanks so much, ladies!!

The Cresco Ladies were by.  They had some… finished baby quilts.  I found a home for these…aren’t they so cute??

Three of them are similar, made from the same panel print.

This one is long and narrow.  I think this might work best as a wall hanging.  The little girl is so cute.

Here is a nursery rhyme panel that turned out great.  I always struggle if I have a grouping of blocks and there are only 8.  I can’t lay them out like a nine-patch.  The ladies came up with a great idea to put a coordinating fabric in the center and then surround the inside pieced portion with more of the same print.  I think it looks great!

There was a Cinderella quilt in the bunch.

The quilt had a cute coordinating backing too.  Some little girl is just going to love this!!

The ladies also brought a bag of quilt tops.  Oh, they are busy ladies!!

Blog reader Dianne sent some batik scraps to me.  She also wrote a sweet note.  I love the notes just as much as the goodies!!  These went into my stash.  THANKS!!

Cynthia sent this cookbook.  It’s a vintage one for sure.  It was her Grandma’s.  So special of her to share.  She included the story of her grandparents owning a restaurant.  Again…I love the note as much as the gift.

I’ve gotten several cards from blog readers either sending cards with a note or cards with some postage money.  A few of the packages had a card with postage money too.  That’s awesome.  I have a bunch of quilt tops to get sent out the week along with a couple more quilts to Quilted Twins that will eventually get to Ukraine.  Thanks so much!!

Jackie sent the next batch of goodies.  There were LOTS of trims.  I kept some and passed some on to Kayla.  I’m hoping to use some in finishing cross-stitch pillows.

This cross-stitch chart was in the mix too.  Thank you…THANK YOU!  This is a chart I’ve been wanting.  I’ve seen it stitched and it’s so pretty.  I’m not a fan of the dark linen they used on the model but love the design.  Isn’t that border fabulous??

Carolyn worked her magic and sent a bunch of finished goodies for the baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.  She’s been such a busy girl.

Previously my own church didn’t do baby care kits but now they are so…I packaged up some of the goodies for my church ladies.

Carolyn was ingenious.  Look at these receiving blankets??  She had scraps and put them to good use.

These are surged together on the back and the hemmed so they are looked really stylish.  I’m so impressed!

I had written in a blog post that I bought a pack of fabric from the thrift store that was yellow, white, and black with the intention of making another quilt for an upcoming benefit.  I planned to make it Iowa Hawkeye-themed.    Sweet blog reader Donna sent me some Iowa Hawkeye fabric to go with it.  THANKS!!  That was just awesome.

Colleen sent a sheet that will be used for a backing for charity quilts.  It’s a big one so I’m guessing it might do two quilts.  YAHOO!!

Joan was so sweet and sent me a bundle of goodies.  There were lots of things for the Lutheran Relief kits.

All of these goodies will be put into either health care kits or baby care kits.  AWESOME!!

Joan also sent a few goodies for me.  I am thrilled to have the Country Threads book, The Blue and Gray.  Long ago when Country Threads quilt shop was open, I belonged to a club.  Many of the club pieces went on and made it into this book.  Because of that, I never bought the book as I already had over half of the patterns.  Now I have it and can see all the other great creations.

I always get asked about my two quilts that are hanging behind my longarm.

The one on the right which is the one I always get asked about is in this book.  HERE is the link to the book if you want to check it out.  It’s the quilt on the cover.  I didn’t mine in blues.

The quilt on the bottom rung of my ladder is also in the book.  I’ve been paging through, dreaming of finishing my UFOs and treating myself to making a new one!!

The next set of goodies came from Kathy.  She wrote the sweetest note EVER.  It had me all teared up.  She had some great words of wisdom.  The goodies were great too.

Kathy mentioned that I might be able to pass these on to Kayla for students she had.  Kayla has to be careful to not show favoritism.  So…we decided that they might be best if they were passed to Jazz.  She LOVES stitching on these and she goes on and donates the finished quilts to the hospital in her area that serves people with no or limited insurance.

This template set was also included…

Do any of you remember watching Shar Jorgenson on PBS?  I watched her and loved her program.  I had this exact set only in the larger version.  I made a denim quilt with the set.  It was a great memory!!

Thanks so much Kathy!!

Wow…what a lot of mail right??  I’m so honored that you all think of me and pass your goodies on.  It’s so sweet.

That, as of this writing, has me caught up with my mail again.  BUT, I just got a note to expect a package soon.

8 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. I DO love doing those stamped cross-stitch projects for babies! And the hospital I give them to says they’re among the most popular going-home gifts with the newborns. I’m looking forward to working on them.
    Thank you Kathy and Jo!

  2. Kristie Partain

    Hi Jo,
    First of all, I really enjoy your blog with my morning coffee. I have been going back and reading your older posts. My husband passed away in December of 2021 and reading your posts about Kramer have helped me deal with the grief.
    I’m not sure if I saw the quilt on one of your posts, but thought I would ask. It is a scrappy 16 patch with alternating white and black smashing. Do you know if this is one you posted? I can’t remember where I saw it.
    Thanks Jo especially for your daily visit

    1. My sympathies go out to you Kristie. It’s a tough road with so many firsts and new things we’re not always ready to deal with.
      The quilt you are mentioning does not ring a bell but it’s so hard for me to know. So many quilts come in from charity quilts that I don’t always remember unless it’s me who made it. Hmm. Maybe someone reading the comments will know.

  3. So many fun goodies. I really like your quilts that are hanging behind your longarm. Such good items for the babies/LWR. A very good sewist who makes those items. Thanks for sharing again.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    Jo is the blue and gray quilt book still available? Your quilts on the wall are so intriguing. Getting caught up on your mail is a lot like doing laundry. No sooner done than it starts collecting !ll over again. Except your mail is a lot more fun to see.

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