In My Mail…

I have had quite few things come in the mail…

Marie sent the first package.  It was filled with quilt tops.  I have told you that the Lutheran World Relief groups have been ramping things up trying to provide more humanitarian aid.  Well, that prompted me to send these to my local church group that makes quilts for Lutheran World Relief.  These are so appreciated, Marie.

Speaking of Lutheran World Relief, Carolyn sent a big box of hand towels my way.

She also sent a box of baby clothes too.  All of these are for the baby care kits for Lutheran World Relief.

I’ve said it before and will say it again.  Carolyn does the most amazing work of making gowns.  She takes fabric and works her magic to get some cute-cute clothes.

T-shirts are another needed item as well as hats.  Carolyn uses pieces that are too small for gowns and whips the clothing pieces right up.

She has expanded yet again and is making sweatshirts.  How cute is this??

All of these are MUCH needed items for Lutheran World Relief.  If you come across any t-shirt or sweatshirt fabric, Carolyn loves donations.  You can find her as #35 on the donations page HERE.

I contacted Purple Hobbies, Inc. and requested a few things to try in upcoming reviews here on the blog.  They were so sweet and sent me their BladeSaver Thread Cutter, The Third Hand Binding Folder Clip and Quilt Block Markers.

I ordered two charms.  One for Eli and one for Emmett from Julie at Me and My Stitches.  The kids’ birthdates are on the back of the charms.  If you’re interested in them, you’ll have to contact Julie and they can add the birthdates to the back of the charm.

I had shown you my tree in an earlier post.  There is one charm for each of my grandkids.

My sister in law got a freeze drier.  She tried some things and sent us the goodies to try.  So fun.

These are Skittles!!  The kids had fun trying them when we got together.

Mari had some great fabric from her mom that she passed on to me so I could pass it on to Carolyn.  These will make great baby gowns.  THANKS!

I got a box from a blog reader with some vintage goodies and a great quilt top done in reproduction fabrics.  She requested that these be set aside for an upcoming postage auction.  That is the plan!  I think you all will love the goodies.

There was no note in the package that contained this top along with the backing and batting.

It’s so pretty.  I wish I could give someone credit.  I am sending this off to Lori who finishes twin-sized or larger tops for a group that helps people who are dealing with addiction called Sharehouse.  They do great work.  Lori is #23 on the Donation Page.  Please keep her in mind if you are thinking of donating a top that is twin-sized or larger.  I can get you hooked up with Lori.

This AMAZING pile of tops came from Vickie.  She does great work.  My, oh my the tops are great.  THANKS so much, Vickie.  As I write I have an email out to a finisher that I think will want these.

Ruth sent a box filled with sewing machine attachments.  There are all kinds here from regular attachments to slant needle attachments to button holers.  Ruth sent these to me with the hopes of raising some money for the charity quilt fund.  If you are looking for attachments, drop me a note and I’ll get you set up.

These came from Patricia.  So fun.  I took these with me to bed and have been reading them before lights out.  THANKS!!

Lisa sent the next package.  She knew I love reading recipe books!  She is part of a wildlife rehabilitation program that helps animals.  She include a picture of some cute little squirres.
She also included this picture.  It’s her version of our free pattern, Pinkie Swear.  You can find it HERE.

Kathy sent a sweet note and this cross stitch chart.  I also took this to bed and have been looking it over.  She said it made her think of me because of the red house!  HA!! She’s so right.

That’s everything I’ve gotten in as of late.  THANKS to everyone who sent things my way.  It’s so appreciated.

11 thoughts on “In My Mail…”

  1. The white church in the cross stitch picture looks like our Lutheran church! Love all the wonderful donations you received.

  2. It amazes me all the people you touch both directly and indirectly. You are a special woman, mom and grandma.

  3. So many generous readers. Carolyn’s baby gowns, t-shirts, and sweatshirts are amazing. Lisa’s quilt is beautiful.

  4. So many wonderful donations. The quilt top is beautiful, and the baby clothes are really cute – totally amazing how nicely stitched.

  5. All the donations are wonderful. You all do good work. Thanks for passing items on to those who will make use of them. Do you know if any of the attachments are for a Featherweight? Bless you all and the good you provide to others.

  6. Lynn in Waverly

    I would be interested in Featherweight attachments. I have some but no box. Are you going to auction them? Or know what you want. I would love to go to Primitive Gatherings new shop and retreat center some day. I was at their old store a few years ago. The pattern you have would go good with your sampler wall. I am doing the stitch-a-long and am working on pumpkin #4. It is a slow process. Getting better, my first project and not my last. Just not enough time in the day!!! Thanks for all the inspiration.

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