In My Mail…

I’ve had a few packages in.  I thought I would share them with you.

Carol sent this panel and fabric.  She had Eli, my grandson, in mind when she sent it.  He has glasses and is under a year old.  Kelli talked with the optometrist and he said Eli’s eyes are bad enough that they won’t correct.  He’ll always be a glasses wearer.

It was so sweet of you to think of him, Carol.  I’ll talk to Kelli and see what Eli can use.

The next box came from Louise.  She sent goodies for me to pass on to my friend Lana that puts together Baby Care kits for Lutheran World Relief.  This was a great package filled with sleepers, diaper pins, baby socks, and flannel.  All of these are needed things.

Here is the official list of needed items for Lutheran World Relief.

Many of these kits will be needed and sent to the Ukrainian people.  If you have items you want to send our way, Lana and I would be happy to take them.  Lana is a pro at putting the kits together.  One thing we never get many of is hand towels.  They can be gently used.  If you’re thinking about getting new hand towels and yours are still in good shape, feel free to send your used ones my way.  Cloth diapers or flannel to make them is another very needed item.

Thanks to all of you who have sent goodies for the baby care kits our way.  They are also collecting items for Personal Care Kits.

If you have any of these items we’d happily take them as well.  The best type of combs that are needed is wide teethed ones.

I got a card from my friend Jean…oh what a cute card to send to a quilter!!  Jean is so sweet to me.  I so appreciate it.

This package came to me all the way from Reno, NV.  It was filled with goodies!  There was everything from sewing notions, to rug hooking to crochet and sewing…SO FUN!!  So many goodies to make so many happy!!

The Cresco Ladies stopped by with more quilts.  Here’s a little secret…I got them hooked on the restaurant in the nearby town so now they come by about 11am or so and then head over to the restaurant.  I’d do the same thing.

On the top of the pile of quilts was this cutie…I immediately grabbed it out.  I’ll finish this one for the pet rescue benefit.  It’s so bright and fun.

I love all of the color in this one!!  What a great quilt.  Can you believe it was made with only five small dog panels??

I saved out a couple of these quilts to thinking I might do them for the fire department’s benefit.

Simple but cute…

There are lots more quilts.  They brought several reuseable bags filled with them.

One bag was specifically religious-themed baby to child-sized quilts.  Many are made with panels in themes like Noah’s Ark or the Christmas Story.  I was wondering if there was a group that sewed from a church that might be interested in these.  Typically I spread them out among other quilts I send out but there were quite a few and I just thought there might be a group that would love getting them.  Please drop me a note at  if your group, or you, have a good outlet for them.

They also brought four quilts that were finished except for the binding.  That was awesome as I had someone just volunteer to bind quilts.  I sent of them her way.

Jean a sweet blog reader turned friend sent me a goodie box.

What a fun box!!  THANKS, Jean.

That’s it for the mail today.  That was a smaller post than I sometimes make.  I’m making a real effort with being better about the mail.  It was one of the things I hoped would improve once I cut back on childcare.  Thanks so much to everyone who sent, or brought things my way!!

More mail came in as I was writing this…that will be in another post.

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  1. Such sweet fabric with the eyeglasses! The Cresco ladies made some great quilts. You received some great packages. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. For Baby Care Kits, LWR prefers standard hand towels approximately 18″ x 25″. Thank you for your interest. Just think how grateful a mother will be to have these basic supplies for her new baby. On a lighter note…LWR Baby Kits were my Mom’s passion. She would shop rummage sales to find like-new items to add to her purchases. She would wash everything of course, and without a dryer our clothes lines would periodically be full of diapers, blankets, and sleepers flying in the breeze. Since this continued for at least 30 years, my sister and I would get strange looks from folks who didn’t know the reason behind all the baby laundry! Fortunately, the neighbors would set people straight and sometimes blankets and diapers would appear at our door with a note that said “For the Babies.” We never knew who sent them. As someone else said recently, bless all who open their heart to help others.

  2. LWR is an awesome organization. We sent 160 personal care kits this year and nearly that many quilts. I love quilting with the Lutherans and for your readers wondering where to donate excess fabric, check with their local Lutheran Church to see if they make quilts. We have oodles of fabric that just appears at our doorstep. And sheets. We also have several women who quilt with us that do not belong to the church. If you want to sew, come on.

  3. What wonderful mail and you are a great inspiration to us all. The rescue quilts would be perfect for the auction, how cute!

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